Carmine Pagano says, “You Can Do It”…

We have been seeing, hearing, and receiving some very good comments about the good work and instruction the kids are getting from Carmine Pagano and Carolina Acceleration inside the Greensboro Batting Center on High Point Road. Carmine’s theme is, “Hard work pays off”.

Here’s a few more parts of his ground-work from Carolina Acceleration:

The primary goal of the Carolina Acceleration Sports Training Center is to provide a safe and professional environment where athletes can learn and develop the necessary skills needed to fulfill their genetic potential and become the most successful athlete they can be.

We have seen the names of many of the kids who are benefitting from the training offered by Carmine at Carolina Acceleration and by Alan Ashkinazy at The Greensboro Batting Center 3917 High Point Road. Call the guys at 299-6266. In these times of accusations of Steroid and Human Growth Hormone use(See discussions on Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds), why not use what Carmine and Alan have to offer, and that’s hard work?

The key around here at is to mention more kids and that’s the reason for this post is get the names of few kids out there that are using and prospering atheletically from the training. This is about the kids, the bottom line is, the kids have to do the work.

Kids that have been training over at Carolina Acceleration and inside at the Batting Center:

Clint Moore
Mitch Atkins
Justin Venbable
Brian Webb
Cam Cockman
Austin Moyer
Kenny Okoro
James Scales III
Ray Crawford Jr.
Tevin Neal
Frankie Johnson
Ruben Torellas
AJ Williams
Eric Davidson
Tiger Miller
TJ Rich
Scott Riddle
Ryan Dull
Nick Taylor
Steven Conger
*****Can some of the rest of you check in and we can add you to our All-Star list? We need more names because we know that there are bunch more of you out there, and we out here, need to get more of you kids the credit you deserve.*****

My favorite strength and conditioning workout for this day: Put 150 pounds on the barbell and lift it(bench press) as many times as you can without stopping, then take the weight down to 130 and do the same, keep maxing out dropping 20 pounds at at time until that gets you to 70 pounds and then pump that 70 pounds and that bar until you can’t see straight and then you will have arms the size of Barry Bonds head, guaranteed…..This program works and you may want to start with a weight higher than 150 and stop and say 120 after starting at 200. Go 200, 180, 160, 140, 120 and max out the 120 pounds about 50 to 75 times. Back in high school I used to start this workout with 250 and work my way down. You must mix in flexability work or you will become as stiff as a board. You want bigger arms? This plan will work. Now I run 5 miles a day and have been doing it for 30 years. I read about the guy in the paper the other day that had been runnning at least a mile a day since 1991. Good job, try doing it 5 miles a day for 30 years and call me in 2038.