The Vikings have a Vision/The President speaks out…..

To the Northwest Community:

On May 6th, voters in Guilford County will be voting on a school construction bond that will profoundly impact the Northwest High and Northwest Middle campus, along with other schools in our area As everyone is aware of, the growth of our community in the past fifteen years has been explosive, while our schools have literally burst at the seams. This school bond, if passed, will directly help several Northwest area schools to even better serve our children in the classroom and provide better recreational facilities for our students and the entire community.

A brand new high school would be built between Northwest High and Southwest High to accomodate for the growth in the area. This proposed high school would be the second new high school built in our area specifically to help relieve the crowding issues at Northwest High School. The benefits of this new school to our children and community would be significant, along with providing the community more recreational facilities that can be used by the public. We have seen firsthand the benefits of opening a new school when the Northern High children were on our campus for four months earlier this school year. It was very evident that the Northern High students had varoius opportunities to participate in athletics, clubs, and extracurricuar activities. Since Northern is a smaller, new school, the students felt more connected to their school and this will allow them a better chance to have a positive high school experience and to feel connected to the school. This proposed new high school would, along with Northern High, help relieve the crowded conditions at Northwest High and would help better serve the students at Northwest by decreasing the school enrollment.

Specific areas to be addressed in the bond at Northwest High will be the football stadium, the addition of tennis courts, and resurfacing the track. In addition, in a project that will affect both Northwest High and Northwest Middle, there would be significant safety and logistical upgrades to the space between the two schools that would allow for a larger and better area for Middle School kids that are car riders. As a part of this improvement, the existing Northwest High Field House, which contains the weight room, training room, and locker rooms for our teams, would have to be relocated and rebuilt.

These proposed improvements would not only affect our students and Northwest High and Northwest Middle, they would affect all of the members of our Northwest community who use our facilities. The Oak Ridge Recreation Association, along with other community groups, frequently use the facilities at Northwest High and Middle along with the hundreds of community members who use our track on a daily basis to help their personal fitness. With the addition of tennis courts to the campus, there would be additional recreational opportunities for the public as well.

Please vote yes for the school bond on May 6th. Our community, and most importantly, our children will see significant benefits as a result.

As president of Viking Vision I am supporting the bond. Viking Vision was established three years ago to help improve the athletic facilities at Northwest High and has made some significant improvements thus far but the bond will help tremendously in our efforts to have a locker room and weight room also. The addition of the weight room will improve the ability of our children to compete against the other schools that already have a facility for this.

Thank you for your time.

Mitch Glover