Thoughts on 980AM in Winston-Salem switching to ESPN format

Last week as I drove to Winston-Salem to see the high school baseball game at Ernie Shore Field I was listening to 980 AM and they were playing Classic Gospel music. It seems that this was only a stunt and today they switched to the full-time ESPN radio format.

The News and Record had the story a little earlier than we did but I at least I got the news on my own, listening to my car radio and I had the station tuned in. I actually take time to listen to all the stations.

It’s not a lock that they will keep this format, they were playing and saying your Gospel Station’s back in Winston last week on the air. Why take the time to go through all that trouble? What will they be saying and playing next week?

I have been the only full-time sports outlet this city has known since 1986. Keep it right here with the AD, it’s the only way to go, bro…..

980AM is owned by GHB Radio that also owns 790 the Ball, which already has the FOX Sports format.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on 980AM in Winston-Salem switching to ESPN format

  1. Andy, give me the scoop. Is it normal for someone to own two stations in the same market with similar formats??

  2. What happened to AM radio station 980, which was an ESPN format? I turned it on yesterday and in was playing Spanish music. The sports format was full of great shows like Colin Cowherd. Just what Greensboro needs yet another Spanish/Mexican radio station. This is exactly what happened a couple of years ago with another station 1590.

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