HS Football practice in May???

I have received at least two reports this week of high schools conducting football practice right now, here in the month of May. For one of the reported schools they are already in their second week of workouts.

One of the schools is out in the county and the other is over around High Point.

Is this legal and are the coaches allowed to be present while these type of practices/workouts are going on at the schools’ football practice fields? You would think the kids would have to have some type of coaching/supervision present or this would present itself as a very dangerous activity.

What is going on here? I know for a fact that some of our readers have the answers out there somewhere. Are these two schools, and or others, in danger of getting into trouble for conducting these type of springtime drills?

The top area/local returning HS football player for 2008 will be Will Newman(QB) at Page.

The Will Newman Watch is already on…..