HS Baseball playoff games tonight and NWG bows out in round one…

The High School baseball playoffs get under way in full force this evening and there was one game last night with Northwest Guilford falling to Mount Tabor 13-12. We had calls coming in on that game last night from John Neese and we hope if you have a score you will call us at 275-9738 so we can get your game update on the air on AM950 during the Grasshoppers game tonight. Call 275-9738 and speak with Jimmy Fulmer and we will get your score on the air and spread the word about the HS playoffs.

Here’s the local lineup for round one tonight:

3-A West:

Lake Norman(11-13) at Southeast Guilford(20-3)
Porter Ridge(11-9) at Southwest Guilford(17-9)
***SEG and SWG would meet in round #2***
Southwestern Randolph(10-11) at East Rowan(22-2) ER #1 ranked team in the State…{SEG-SWG would face East Rowan in round #3}
Anson County(11-9) at Ragsdale(19-7)
Parkwood(8-12) at Glenn(20-5) This one was played on Thursday night before the storm with Glenn winning in five innings 16-1.
***Ragsdale and Glenn would meet in round #2***

4-A West:

Page(6-14) at East Burke(14-7)
Douglas Byrd(8-11) at East Forsyth(19-5)
Myers Park(20-6) at Grimsley(17-6)

3-A East:

Dudley(17-5) at Rocky Mount(19-5)
Triton(15-7) at Western Guilford(16-8)
Northeast Guilford(13-11) at Harnett Central(17-6)
South Johnston(15-9) at Rockingham County(19-6)

2-A East

Eastern Guilford(11-12) at Northwood(15-5)
Southern Guilford(9-15) at Orange(19-3)

*****Tonight it’s Vandalia Christian(15-4) vs. Wilson Christian in the state semifinals.*****

Last night in what must have been a wild one, Mount Tabor defeated Northwest Guilford 13-12 in round one of the playoffs at NWG. Northwest finishes the season at (18-8) and leaves out in round one after going four rounds deep into the tournament last year.

Report on the NWG/Mount Tabor game from journalnow.com, the WS Journal on-line:

The Mount Tabor Spartans led 13-3 after scoring seven runs in the top of the fifth inning, but the Vikings rallied with three runs in bottom of the fifth and six in the sixth to trim the lead to 13-12.

Mount Tabor 114 070 0 — 13 14 4
NW Guilford 030 036 0 — 12 12 1

Mat Batts, Garrett Hickman (6), Turner Simpson (6) and Brooks Godwin, Travis Freetly (5), Godwin (6); Logan Self, Omar Delarosa (3), Tommy Plante (5), Trent McKenzie (5), and Eric Presnell. WP — Batts (4-3). LP — Self. S — Simpson (2). 2B — Tyler Vogler (MT) 2, Batts (MT) 2, Bradley Morton (MT) 2, Alex Swim (NW), Presnell (NW), Phillip Dixon (NW). Records — Mount Tabor 13-11, NW Guilford 18-8.

Leading hitters: MT, Joey Kahler 3-4, run, 2 RBIs; Bradley Morton 2-4, 2 runs, 3 RBIs, Vogler 2-5, 2 runs, 2 RBIs, Batts 2-4, run, RBI; NW, Swim 3-5, 2 runs, RBI, Presnell 2-4, 2 runs

14 thoughts on “HS Baseball playoff games tonight and NWG bows out in round one…

  1. Northwest Guilford was down 3 to 0 early. Northwest came back in the 2nd to go ahead 3 to 2 with line drives in the gap by Glen Clemmons and Phil Dixon. The RBI’s put us ahead but not for long. Mt Tabor sticks were on tonight against Northwest number one pitcher Logan Self. M.T. came back to go ahead 6 to 3 in the 3rd. In the 5th they scored 7 more runs against pitchers Delarossa and Plante. This gave them the lead 13 to 3 in the top of the 5th. In the bottom of the 5th Northwest scored 3 runs with line drives by Swim, Glen Clemmons and Eric Presnell. Northwest caught fire in the 6th to score 6 more runs. Trent McKenzie pitched the best of his career tonight. He shut Mt Tabor down in the last 2 innings. In the end Mt Tabor wa too much for the mighty Northwest Vikings. Northwest is young and will be a force to contend with next year. It should be fun to watch.

  2. I am not sure who from Northwest left the comments above, but it is not the normal NWBBFAN who has left comments on this site for the high school baseball season. I would hope that the person who wrote the comments above would find their own pen name. Perhaps this is the same person that used the pen name NWBFAN in an earlier blog about a particular outfielder. Just speculating, but please find your own pen name so others are not confised by blogs I did not write.

  3. I read elsewhere where Grimsley won 3-2 and Page won 2-1.

    Ragsdale wins. SEG goes down? If thats true, upset of the year.

  4. Vandalia lost 8-4 to Wilson. Couldn’t get it going and got down early, maybe next year.

  5. no one called in with scores because SEG was losing the entire game. there were alot of articles published about after the first round of playoffs who would play who. maybe people should have been concerned with one or maybe two names, wildcats-lomascolo. if i am wrong i apologize. let me know. PS: he pitched the gustiest game i ever saw!

  6. Whoever NWBBFAN is evidently has no clue about Trent McKenzie’s ability to pitch. If he had been used during the season it might have been a much better year for the Vikings. I know Trent and have coached Trent and watched him pitch many times. If given the chance he would have had many opportunities to pitch the best of his career. When you have a left hander ………get him in some games. I see Logan Self was the losing pitcher. Why is his record not posted in the box score?? Good luck to the Vikings next year………I’ll be pulling for you. You have another up and coming left hander on the JV team…..Garrett Stell………I hope to see him win some games for the Vikings the next two years. Check out that curveball. It’s a dandy………….Congrats to Sonny Gann and the Vikings on a good season. Lots of talent to carry this group foward. How about that Alex Swim kid? …………what a stick. Alex your “The Man” …..

  7. Who is Scott Brown and what is he rambling about Trent McKenzie is a great relief pitch to throw teams off balance and has many great games but what does Scott Brown have to do with NW. Not a dam thing. Sometime there comes a time in ones life when give up there dream of being a baseball coach(Scott Brown). What would Northwest be without Logan Self.

  8. Hi Scout…………. Sounds like you got offend by my comments. LOL…….Northwest is a very talented team and has been for some time. No “one” player makes a team and especially not last year or this year on NW. I never had a dream of being a coach ever in my life, but I did have a desire to learn how to spell and write an intelligent sentence when I was younger. You ask the question where would NW be without Logan Self?? I don’t know………maybe the 2nd round of the playoffs???

  9. Scout ..you rubbed off on me. I just realized I left off the “ed” in offended. Life’s short ….and then you run across an angry NW baseball parent. LOL………

  10. Scott Brown is indeed a parent still living his High School dreams and trying to fullfill them with post about how Sonny Gann could have done differently. But Sonny Gann is by far one of the most committed and hard nose coaches in the Metro conference. Scott Brown just needs to get away and let Gann do what he does best. Nobody can complain with a 18-8 record for the season, looking at the schedule and top dog teams they have competed against. Sorry your son wasnt much of a contender for the Vikings Scott, but he was thought of very highly as a great Batting Practice pitcher, and as far as Logan Self goes he is a very great aspect of this team. Yes he may not have produced to his full potential this year but he is loved by all with his great attitude and class on the baseball diamond. So that offends me deeply when you go against him and say that they would have made it to the 2nd round without him.

  11. At least Scott’s not afraid to let people know who he is when he speaks his mind. The same can’t be said for “anonymous”. I’m not sure what trashing Scott’s son (anonymously, of course) has to do with any of this.

  12. And at least Scott has the guts to say what a lot of other people are thinking.

  13. anonymous……….LOL…….I honestly got a good laugh out of your post. I put my name to my post and stand by what I said. I see you didn’t have the guts to……………..Cancer in a baseball program is a deadly thing. Also…………trying to stir up something between myself and Sonny, by putting words in my mouth is typical of a cancerous cell in a baseball program. I hope Sonny if he reads this knows I have an opinion and that I also respect that he is the coach of the NW baseball program. It’s ok to disagree with someone and also give your opinion. I’ll stick with my opinion……..Trashing Chris and I goes with the territory. We can both handle it …….no problem!! Sometimes things have to be said and I’ve never run from saying what needs to be said. Taking one on the chin for the team is not a problem for me. I have many current and former friends from Northwest baseball and have enjoyed spending the last 3 falls coaching the players who were interested and needed a place to play. I’ve done it for the team!! Not one player!!………At the Grimley playoff game I saw many players contribute to a great win and to me that’s what a “TEAM” is……..Alex Swim with his hitting and a no hop throw from rf that made a play at third possible. Robbie M playing third and finishing the play. Cory M, making plays and gutting out the rest of the game after getting beaned at the plate. Tommy Houston making several great plays at 2nd and getting a couple hits. Dixson at first catching a high chopper over his head and saving a run and taking away a base hit. Seth Hanner making a great diving catch to save several runs from scoring and last but not least …….who over the last 4 years of NW baseball hasn’t seen Eric P. at the plate with runners in scoring position get a big hit. I believe in a “TEAM” and all it’s players, including a kid who has to pitch batting practice. The way the 2007 team hit……..Chris should be proud!! No one player makes a team and I think you will find that 90% of the players and parents are tired of hearing just how great that one players is. Logan is a good player and he has contributed to the success at NW. He’s not the only reason they have been successful the last 2 years. This will be my last post on this thread concerning this. My intent was not to question Sonny or run down Logan Self ………my purpose was to bring to light something that needed to be said.

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