I’m not sure you can handle this!!!!!

I was over at youtube.com the other day and they have a wrestling match with Steve Williams(Stone Cold Steve Austin) vs. The Punisher(The Undertaker/Mark Calloway). The match comes from Renegade Wrestling in Texas in cooperation with the USWA and it features a new guy with long blonde, shoulder-length hair, taking on a very tall man with a mask.

Stone Cold(in real life Steve Williams) is the guy with the long blonde hair and The Undertaker(back in those early days The Punisher, and in the real world Mark Calloway) was the man in the mask.

Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker and one guy has long hair and the other guy is wearing a mask. Interesting viewing at youtube.com.

I also saw another good video of Don Kernodle and Sgt. Slaughter doing an interview with David Crockett and the title of the interview was, “If These Belts Could Talk”. Good stuff but again, I’m not sure you can handle all of this. You won’t believe some of the things those tag-team belts are saying.

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  1. That”s still better than the scraps that Christopher Love and Cris Plano were throwing out there.

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