Gaters 16 and Under AAU hoops update….

The North Carolina/Greensboro Gaters 16U AAU basketball won another championship this past weekend down in Charlotte and I believe this one was the AAU State Championship. I spoke with the Gaters’ assistant coach Mike Fulcher at the Greensboro Grasshoppers game last night and he was telling me about this team with loads of talent.

Get this, in the backcourt you have Jonathan Frye at point guard, PJ Hairston at the two guard, Jay Canty at one forwad, I believe he said Jonathan Rice at the other forward and Jacob Lawson in the middle at center. They have Jordan Weethe and bunch of other kids coming in off of the bench.

Coach Stan Kowalewski knows how to put a team together and this one has the college scouts drooling and that backcourt of Frye and Hairston is one that I have trouble comprehending. It’s unreal and how do you defend it? Frye with the pass, dribble, shoot, three-point range and dunks. Hairston with the outside shot and moves that make you want to back up and wait for him in the lane when you’re on defense.

The 18 and under Gaters AAU team was also crowned champions and we will have more on them later.

Update on Reggie Dillard(8th grader) at Allen Middle School. I’m not sure which AAU team Reggie is with but the word is he wants to go to Ragsdale as freshman in 2008/2009 and then transfer to Dudley when he gets in the 10th grade. One year at Ragsdale as the main man and then on over to Dudley to take over and run the inside show there for the Panthers after Brandon Pennix is finished. Anybody got the book with the new transfer rules in it, we might need to give this plan a LONG look?????

Here’s the roster for the Champion NC AAU Gaters:
Asad Lamot 6’1″ 180 Guard
Greg Winbush 5’11” 150 Guard
Christian Pulliam 5’10” 165 Guard
Deshon Dabbs 6’0″ 160 Guard
Dylan Berry 6’2″ 170 Guard
Jay Canty 6’5″ 180 Forward
Jordan Weethee 6’5″ 185 Forward
P.J. Hairston 6’6″ 205 Guard
Jonathan Frye 6’4″ 170 Guard
Kejuan Mayo 6’4″ 200 Forward
Christian McCain 6’5″ 200 Forward
Jacob Lawson 6’7″ 200 Forward
Jonathan Rice 6’6″ 205 Guard/Forward
Zach Sowell 6’7″ 195 Forward

Stan Kowalewski Head Coach
Jermaine Carlton Assistant
Mike Fulcher Assistant

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  1. The worst part is that I believe Dillard lives in Smith’s district. He realizes that HS isn’t college right? That sounds like a kid with a pretty “big head,” saying he will go to Ragsdales to “be the man.” If I am not mistaken, they have a pretty good team coming back. There is a lot of nonsense going on. Kids need to realize that if you are caught using a wrong address now you are done for an entire calendar year. Thank the Charlotte schools for that. I wonder if we will see any players moving back to their “home” schools now. I know there are a ton out there. What will Dudley and Northern do to get new players??? A crisis is amongst us!!!

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