Area High School baseball Player of the Year?

We have received a few inquiries about who should be named the top area player for 2008 now that the season is over for our teams. Every team we had left checked out of the playoffs on Tuesday night and that is why we are calling it Black Tuesday.

Who was the top player in our area? Let’s start throwing some names out there and maybe we can get some stats sent in by our readers or by some of the area coaches to back up the reps for the names that show up here.

The top player? Is it Garrison Lassiter? He was featutred recently on the local sports news, I believe it was TV12 Sports and Lassiter has a strong background. His West Forsyth team left after round one of the playoffs. Is the top area player Ryan Dull of East Forsyth. Dull was (11-1) on the mound for East and his only loss was to Grimsley. Other numbers on Dull to go with his (11-1) record are 103K, 6BB 73 innings pitched…and he also hit around .400….

Would you rate SEG’s Cam Cockman or Austin Moyer as the area’s top player? What about Bo Rein or Blaine McCraw, Brett Underwood, or Esterlin Paulino of Southwest Guilford. What about Robbie McIntosh or Logan Self from Northwest Guilford? How about Billy Stone, Nick McBride, or Ben Fultz of Ragsdale? Where do you rate Matt Nettesheim, George Carter, or Gabe Dimock from Grimsley? Zach Kornblum from Page will get votes for our All-Area team. Ray Crawford, Rebuen Torellas, and Ronnie Burkes are getting votes. Caleb Shelton and Naeen Marrero of WG will deserve a spot.

Michael Dimock from High Point Wesleyan might just win the award for top area player over Lassiter, Dull, Cockman, Paulino and all of the other contenders. This might just be Dimock’s title to lose if someone else is ready to take it away.

All of the players that I have mentioned deserve a chance to get heavy consideration for the All-Area team and as far as the Top Player, let the debates begin, but if Dimock is a senior and Dull is a junior, then I’ll take Dimock, if Dull’s a senior I’ll take Dull.

Do you have any thoughts on the area’s top player or the All-Area team?

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  1. Freshman of the Year – George Carter – Grimsley
    Sophmore of the Year – Ben Fultz – Ragsdale
    Junior of the Year – Hunter Ridge – SW Randolph
    Seniors of the Year – Cam Cockman/Austin Moyer – Southeast Guilford
    Most Valuable to his Team – Ryan Dull – East Forsyth
    Best Player in the Area – Wil Myers – Wesleyan

    All-Area Team
    1b – Austin Moyer – Southeast
    2b – Ben Fultz – Ragsdale
    3b – Ray Crawford – Dudley
    ss – Cam Cockman – Southeast Guilford
    of – Matt Netteshiem – Grimsley
    of – Wil Myers – Wesleyan
    of – Tyler Burchett – Rockingham
    c – Alex Swim – Northwest Guilford
    p – Ryan Dull – East Forsyth / Michael Dimock – Wesleyan
    ut – George Carter – Grimsley
    dh – Hunter Ridge – SW Randolph

  2. All-Area team…Glen Clemmons NW guilford outfielder…. He has made some incredible catches this year leading Northwest to wins. The three he made against East Forsyth were some of the best we have seen this year by an outfielder. He was instrumental in the win against East Forsyth in the Metro4 A tournament.

  3. I agree with Jake the Snake on his list ,but he left out Clemmons. We also think Robbie McIntosh should be included in the all area team pitcher/third base. McIntosh did a fabulous job this year at these two positions. These two guys have our vote. They are juniors I believe??

  4. I think you have to include Robby Swab, C at East Forsyth. He has hit close to .500 this year and led that team at the plate as probably the most consistant hitter in the conference.

  5. I think Justin Venable( SR-CF) , Jeff Medley(SR – C) and Josh Tobias(Fr-P/SS) from SE Guilford should also be high considered for All Area team. Venable and Tobias are both in the top 15 or 20 in the state in BA and Medley is most likely the best catcher in the area if not in the top 10 in the state. Tobias is definetly the best freshman I have seen in a long time.

  6. I think you would also have to include Nick Jones , CF for Page and Zack Kornblum Pitcher. Nick was clearly one of the top players/hitters ( BA around .470 ) in the conference and Zack was a beast on the mound when his defense gave him the support.

  7. I also agree with Jake the Snake with his picks about all area team. However i do not agree with Area Scout on Glen Glemmons. I watched Glen play alot of games this season but never saw him produce at the plate. He is a decent outfielder i will give him that but those catches against east forseyth were routine fly balls that any High School outfielder could’ve caught. Glen just isnt the player that people talk him up to be (ex.Bob Clemmons). He has a very poor bat from the games that i have seen but is a good all-round kid with a great attitude, just not the player good enough to make all area.

  8. Anonymous or just stupid (learn to spell) , I’m a friend of Glenjamin and watched him play too. I understand he scored 18 runs in 26 games. That’s poor? HUH .Like John Boy says are you just stupid? And those catches he made, we had a group of my friends at the EF game( and many others) those were some of the best catches over the shoulder we have ever seen. In fact, Joe wrote about how good they were on this message board. You sound like a jealous NWG baseball parent or even worse a jealous player who can’t spell. LOL..HAAAAAA

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