Page Lacrosse update…

from Rusty Lee:Page High School Athletic Director:

Page men’s lacrosse team ran into a hot Apex High School team on Wednesday and was defeated by the score of 9 to 3. It would have been a more interesting game to watch if Page had been at full strength. Injuries to 4 starters going into the game made this match up even tougher for Page. To win a state championship you have to be lucky, talented and stay healthy throughout the playoff run. Our men’s lacrosse team represented themselves and Page honorability with their talent and effort. Coach Evan Smith (Page’s first and only men’s lacrosse coach) has built the Page men’s lacrosse team for the long haul so that success builds upon success. With hard work in the offseason Page should have a similar lacrosse playoff run season next year.

The Pirates fall in the state semi-finals.

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  1. thnx for the update. I thought the pirates were gonna make a run at the state title.

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