Page Lacrosse/Daniel Tuttle on the All-Area Team/Expand deeper into Forsyth County…

We need further clarification on the current status of the Page Pirates boys Lacrosse team. Is the team still in the playoff hunt? How did their post-season go? When did it all end, assuming it is over? Hopefully someone with the Page program or one of the Pirates in the know will contact us. Rusty Lee has always been very good about getting us this type of information.

Here’s the current Lacrosse playoff schedule as issued by the NCHSAA and listed on the Page web site:
05/06/08 Tuesday 1st Round Playoffs Kirby Stadium / Page HS 7:00pm
05/09/08 Friday 2nd Round Playoffs Home 7:00pm
05/14/08 Wednesday Semi-Finals Playoffs Home 7:00pm
05/17/08 Saturday Finals / Championship tba

Somebody get us the update on the results from these games by contacting us through the comment box or going to…..

Should we include Daniel Tuttle of Randleman High School on our All-Area baseball team? I received a call this morning and they said that Tuttle(SS/P for the Randleman Tigers) deserves to be on this team even though he showed poor behavior in the Randleman vs. Southeast game this past season. Tuttle is due to attend Clemson on a baseball scholarship and the word is Daniel is still one of the best players in the Triad area and he is as good or better than any of the kids currently on our list of teams and it is a sham that his name has not been listed by any of our readers.

Do we need to expand our list of All-Area players deeper into Forsyth County? Ryan Dull and Roby Swab from East Forsyth have been on several lists but other Forsyth County kids have been left off and from my E-mails that I have been receiving, Forsyth County feels slighted. Some of the readers from over in that area are supposed to be sending me some names and stats and I will have them up here for you to look over later today. WS Carver, Forsyth Country Day, and West Forsyth are some of the schools that have players who feel left out.

We’ll have those numbers for you later this afternoon and again how do you feel about Tuttle on the team? Can you see Daniel Tuttle, Cam Cockman, Justin Venable, Jeff Medley, and Austin Moyer all out there together?

*****Here are the numbers that came my way on the Forsyth County kids that might have been overlooked as the All-Area team came together. Do any of these kids make your cut list? Here are those numbers that came in at our E-mail address.*****

Chris Munnelly-Forsyth Country Day:.548avg., 26 runs scored, 26RBI’s, 15 steals…..
Andy Howland-WS Carver:.500avg…..
Roby Swab-East Forsyth-.500avg…..
Garrison Lassiter-West Forsyth:.491avg., 26 runs scored…..
Sam Rodgman-Mount Tabor:15HR’s…..