We were Right:Kyle Busch wins at Charlotte/Concord

Kyle Busch was the winner of phase one at Saturday evening’s Sprint Cup All-Star race down in Charlotte and he blew the field away. We told you he would win and he did claim phase one of the festivities and the rest of the field wasn’t even close to KB.

Kyle Busch had his engine tuned up a little too high and when the longer phase of the All-Star race got under way he had problems with that high reving engine. Kyle was worried he might run over somebody so he took his ride to the garage area. Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn’t do anything and the guy that they said was the real winner didn’t even qualify to be in Concord, the fans voted him in. Sounds like some home cooking to me.

Kyle Busch will win next Sunday and we will all gather to celebrate in the parking of the Old NASCAR Cafe at the Four Seasons Mall. Stay tuned here for more updates on the KB Tour and for NASCAR news at GREENSBOROSports.com, your Racin’ education station.

Here’s part of the lowdown from foxsports.com:

Kasey Kahne technically wasn’t eligible to run the All-Star race. He didn’t let that stop him from stealing the $1 million prize.

Kahne earned his berth in Saturday night’s show not through accomplishment on the track, but in a popularity contest that permitted one driver voted on by the fans to compete in the main event.

It gave Kahne a chance to run in the 100-lap shootout, which was intermittently dominated by Kyle Busch and Greg Biffle.

3 thoughts on “We were Right:Kyle Busch wins at Charlotte/Concord

  1. Kyle “shrub” Busch’s engine isn’t the only thing reving a little too high, his ego is as well. This guy hasn’t earned his stripes yet, and he proved last night he doesn’t have the patience to run with the big dogs. Sure, he can beat you in a shootout, but look where he ends up at the end of the night. Behind the wall watching the checkers fly while he munches on his M&Ms. Even if he makes the chase without being suspended, he will lose his cool and choke just like always. What exactly does it say about the rest of field if they can’t even run with a guy who couldn’t qualify for the race? The fans have spoken, and they know who the real deal is, it is the guy in the red Bud Dodge…

  2. this goes to show the fans know their racers-but that being said if you know anything about racing KK was probabably voted in by a bunch of young girls on that nationwide commercial-must be nice to be a millionare and have every woman at lowes speedway trying to jump your bones-lets have a quack for afflac

  3. Lets hear it for the Dodges and Budwiser beer.

    Kurt Busch is better than Kyle Busch and he will prove it this Sunday.

    Budwiser always out sells Busch.

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