Thank-you WFMY Channel 2 for not showing us the Kimbo Slice fight this Saturday night!!!!!

You won’t be able to see the fight anywhere around the Triad unless you want to move into the Extended Stay Hotel up in Reidsville or maybe it’s Viva Roanoke-Lynchburg, Virginia and our old buddies at Channel 7. You won’t get this FREE programming at a Sports Bar or a Sports Restaurant, or on satellite or even over the internet. You can’t get the fight anywhere in this Stinkin’ town.

Sandra Hughes leaves Channel 2 and the place goes to Hell in a Handbasket. Sandra knows the MMA and what it means to people who are out here trying to survive as we wait for our Government Stimulus Check that Scott McClellan wants to have resended.(All checks sent to his address) Sandra knows the MMA, just ask Matt Hughes, Larry Hughes, Alan Hughes, or Howard Hughes. There’s no Channel 2 News without Sandra Hughes and the same goes for the MMA and our ole’ pal Kimbo Slice.

I received this E-mail today from Bill Tice who lives in Oak Ridge and he really has this thing broken down into details. Check this out:

For the first time in its nascent history, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts will be showcased in a live, prime-time event on national television. Cage fighter Kimbo Slice — featured prominently on the cover of ESPN Magazine — will headline the five-fight card of EliteXC Saturday Night Fights premiering this Saturday, May 31st on CBS. It should shape up to be a great night of action packed bouts that might enliven an otherwise moribund Saturday night. Unfortunately, thanks to the Puritan-minded management at CBS affiliate WFMY, it will not be shown ANYWHERE IN THE TRIAD AREA.

That’s right, WFMY, Channel 2 in Greensboro, OUR CBS affiliate has made the decision not to broadcast that event and instead preempt it with a rerun of a movie of the week. The reason for the decision? According to their programming department, the management “was not comfortable with the content of the event.” Keep in mind that this is the channel that has, in the past, broadcast boxing, NASCAR racing — in which drivers have been mangled and sometimes killed in ultaviolent crashes — and such wholesome family fare as “Big Brother” and other various debaucherous reality show offerings.

WFMY maintains that they have the community’s best interest at heart. If so, it would seem their standards are extremely conservative, even for North Carolina. It should be noted that all the other major CBS affiliates in NC — WRAL in Raleigh and WBTV in Charlotte — will be broadcasting the event. Even WDBJ Channel 7 in Roanoke and Lynchburg (home to the departed Rev. Jerry Falwell) has listed the event on their primetime schedule.

Is this really a case of WFMY policing their airwaves for inappropriate content or perhaps flexing their muscles as the most powerful affiliate in the Triad? It is interesting to note that the brass at WFMY will be watching the event on the feed they receive from CBS — it just won’t be shown to anyone else in the area. What in effect this means is that their entire Triad area is completely shut out from showing this. That’s right. Not even a sports bar or those residents with satellite service will be able to pick up the show due to the stringent blackout requirements imposed by the networks.

So unless another station opts to carry the CBS feed, no one in the surrounding Metro area will have the opportunity to see the event and judge for themselves. In essence, WFMY has opted to make a moralistic decision for the community, and as a result set a curious precedent, one that many should find alarming, even those who may not even be remotely interested in the sport of MMA.
Agree or disagree with Channel 2’s decision? Let them know what you think. Ask for station programming.
WFMY News 2 (Channel 2, CBS) &
1615 Phillips Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27405
(336) 379-9369

*****We should load up the bus and drive on over to the WFMY studios and let them know we plan to join Kent Bates, Eric Chilton, Greg Carr, Jamie Baldwin, and Tanya Rivera and we can all watch the event together and order in some wings and neckbones from the TV Grille across the street from the station. Roadtrip anyone????? What do you say, we can jump over the bushes and look through the windows and tell them “The Sliceman” sent us. We are the part of the “HomeSlice Brigade”. This could turn out to be Saturday Night’s Main Event.*****

14 thoughts on “Thank-you WFMY Channel 2 for not showing us the Kimbo Slice fight this Saturday night!!!!!

  1. Absolutey absurd given that the majority of kids in Middle/High School with access to a computer have most likely seen Kimbo fight on You-Tube.

  2. Sign me up for the HomeSlice Brigade, Andy! It is an outrage that Channel 2 would abuse their authority in determining what we as citizens can and cannot watch. I mean, this is the same hypocrital management that regularly airs BIG BROTHER and SURVIVOR and yet they want to censor Kimbo?????????!!!!. Channel 2 management should start forwarding their mail to the Castro Regime in Cuba. It would seem they are all of like minds.

  3. I talked to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer last night about this. WFMY is the CBS affiliate in the entire country to pull the show.

    By the way, Hugo’s on Spring Garden was sold out Saturday night for UFC 84.

  4. The movie is “Getting Up & Going Home” (which is what the WFMY program director should do permanently!!!) …………looks like the triad can watch Tom Skerritt and Blythe Danner in this 1992 RERUN instead of the historical coverage event featuring Kimbo) Even those not interested in the fight think the brass at WFMY are brain damaged. this rivals the move a few years ago when the local affiliate made fools of themselves over not broadcasting the Superbowl in High def!!!

    Mike Crump, Oak Ridge

  5. The Fight is on!!! ON WGSR 39 in Reidsville we hook up with CBS a lot when WFMY makes a choice to adjust programing. So come on up to a sports bar in rockingham county and watch it saturday night.

  6. This is absolutely rediculous, I have got the fight going over the internet from a stream, but this is absurd. Sign me up.
    Eric Schmitt – Oakridge

  7. I’m in for any ruckus we can cause about this. This is the kind of backwater country thinking that makes this city a town and NOT a city. I think MMA is a bit much for primetime but that doesn’t mean I’m want to force people to do what I think. This is an embarrassment.

  8. I sent a long email to WFMY and will continue to hound them. 1) They show Dexter, a show about a serial killer. 2) They show CSI, a show that shows blood spatter, dead bodies, and the rest. The program that came on 8, right before the Primetime fight…a CSI featuring three murders. 3) The broadcast came on well at 9 PM, when all the little kids should be in bed. 4) The showed a movie about a man being unfaithful to his wife instead of the fight.

    AHHHGGGHH!! Write letters, get on the horn, let’s take them down a peg. Not showing this fight is ridiculously hypocritical. Highlights from this week’s WFMY programming schedule…The Unit: a school full of kids taken hostage, CSI: Miami: an 11 year-old boy gunned down, Criminal Minds: a serial killer is killing women on a college campus, and the final straw? The debut episode of Swingtown, which as you know from the commercials WFMY has run, centers on an upscale couple that gets into swinging and wife-swapping.

    Hard to believe WFMY thinks pulling the MMA fight will show how righteous and Christian the channel is…

  9. I watched “Getting Up and Going Home” I find it curious that WFMY chose to broadcast this movie, Rotten Tomatoes Synopsis: Facing his mortality a man gripped in a mid-life crisis becomes romantically involved with two other women besides his wife.

    If your going to use community concerns to justify rescheduling your affiliate programming, you’d think they decide to show something that didn’t desecrate marriage.

    Douche-bag move… 13 minutes into this TELEVISION broadcast, Tom Skerrit was being writhed upon by a topless woman (that’s right SEX!), but it wasn’t his wife! Hawt!!! Thanks News 2

    So they decided to interrupt family entertainment, a sanctioned public sporting event, for a movie about infidelity????


  10. WFMY is awful and I suggest everyone boycott them, I will do everything possible to get the producer at WMFY fired

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