WFMY Channel 2 responds to no dice for Slice…..

Channel 2 has responded to the blog article we ran yesterday about them refusing to show the Kimbo Slice fight this Saturday night. One of our readers forwarded the story to them and they have responded. CBS out of New York and the Charlotte Observer have also picked up this story from and the CO have reading the story from our site.)

Here’s the response from Channel 2 and we still don’t know for sure what movie they will be showing in the place of the SliceMan:

We have a concern for the content in CBS’s EliteXC. We have not been given the opportunity to see the type of production that will be presented on CBS. Once we have seen the actual program, we will make a decision to air or not air future episodes.

There is no truth to the rumor that Sandra has left. She has been ill and is on sick leave. She is getting better and we will see her return soon.


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*****You would think that one of the Briscoe brothers might want the local fight fans to see some in-ring action but it’s a “NO GO” from David Briscoe. Here’s his E-mail address too, so let’s get busy and let Mr. Briscoe know we mean business and that we want the fight and there’s still time for them to change their decision and DUMP THE MOVIE.*****

You make the mail:
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+++++I still say if Sandra Hughes was still there this never would have turned into a media disaster.+++++

+++++Interesting note passed along our way from Bruce Mitchell of
I talked to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer last night about this. WFMY is the only CBS affiliate in the entire country to pull the show.+++++