Dusty Dunn’s Last Tango…..

Dusty Dunn’s last radio show went over the airwaves Friday May 3oth.

I was invited down to the studio, along with Howard Coble, Billy”Crash” Craddock, Mary Rakestraw and John Hammer. Dusty suggested, somewhat jokingly, that I [being 6’7″-275] would be in charge of crowd control……….oh, how prophetic!!

The above mentioned showed up, along with Jerry Bledsoe, Billy Yow, Skip Alston, Mary Kay of Mahi’s, Ogi Overman, Buddy Bray, David Layton, John Blust, Stan Thomas, Simon Ritchie, Betsy Peacock, Bill Watkins, Jerry Rowe, Don Vaughn, Mike Spainhour, Frank Rakestraw, Will Hammer, Bob Costner, Allen Merritt, Jeff Thigpen, Kirk Perkins and many, many more that I can’t remmeber or did not have the pleasure of meeting. The waiting area was full of people, food, decorations and mixed emotions on “DD’s” last tango!

Dusty expected some “drop ins’ but the number and variety of the well-wishers was a tribute to Dusty and his years of broadcast entertainment……..I beleive he was genuinely moved and surprised by it all.

Monday morning reality will hit everyone, including Dusty, when we don’t hear the friendly, familiar voice that is and always will be part of Greensboro’s fabric.

Hopefully the icing on the whole deal will be when Dusty is selected for the radio Hall of Fame.

As we say in radio, stay tuned……..best wishes Dusty in your retirement.

Jim Modlin-retired Sports Director-Dusty Dunn Show

3 thoughts on “Dusty Dunn’s Last Tango…..

  1. The retirement of Dusty Dunn is a real passing of an era in Greensboro radio.

    I believe this leaves Andy Durham as the oldest remaining survivor of the glory days of Triad radio.

    No, wait, I’m mistaken. Andy is older than Dusty, so he was already that.

  2. Younger than Dusty Springfield,
    Dusty Baker,
    Dusty Dunn,
    and Dusty Shutt former Grimsley, Southeast Guilford, and N.C. A&T baseball player who will not graduate until the spring of 2010……..

    Andy Durham BS in HYPE…….

  3. And you can throw DUSTY from the Dallas TV show in there. I’m younger than him too.

    Every time I get that AARP card in the mail, I just toss it in the garbage and keep on running.

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