Kimbo Slice wins by an ear in Newark

Kimbo Slice remained unbeaten Saturday night with a TKO win over James Thompson at the EliteXC mixed marshal arts event held in Newark, NJ.

Thompson started strong, winning the first two rounds before Slice connected on a brutal shot to Thompson’s left ear early in the third. Fans said it looked as if Thompson’s ear “literally exploded” and after a quick onslaught by Slice, the match was quickly called. Thompson left the ring with his ear bloody and mangled.

Only a small number of Triad viewers were able to see the fights, due to WFMY’s decision not to air the controversial broadcast, which was seen nationally on CBS in other markets. Low power Reidsville station 39 was the only local outlet for the program. Saturday night’s show was the first MMA telecast broadcast on network television. CBS has said that a decision to run future shows would depend on how tonight’s broadcast was received. There is still no word on the ratings but much of the chatter on the internet gave mixed reviews on the matches as a whole.

4 thoughts on “Kimbo Slice wins by an ear in Newark

  1. There was already something wrong with Thompson’s ear before the fight even started. The condition that some of the fighters have with their ear is known as hematoma auris or perichondrial hematoma, but commonly known as cauliflower ear due to the resemblance of the ear to the vegetable. When a person gets hit on the ear blood and other fluid will collect under the perichondrium and clot up. The cartilage in the ear will die as a result of lack of nutrients commonly supplied by the perichondrium. Thompson’s ear was damaged from previous hits it had taken. When Slice hit it, it basically just came apart.

  2. Hey guys, I think that they stopped this fight too early. Thompson was bleeding but I don’t think he was hurt bad enough to stop the fight. Kimbo is a freak of nature and a bad mamajama.

  3. Bruce, those ratings numbers are interesting. It seems to show that people were definately interested in seeing the “Sliceman” at work as more tuned in as the evening went on.

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