Greensboro College Places 88 on USAS Academic Team

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – The USA South Athletic Conference has released its 2007-2008 Academic All-Conference Team. Greensboro College placed 88 on the team, the second most in the conference.

A student-athlete must have earned a 3.0 GPA in each of the two semesters of a given year to be eligible. Any student-athlete participating in any varsity sport at any Conference institution is eligible. The sport does not have to be a Conference-sponsored sport. This season, a total of 635 athletes earned Academic All-Conference honors.

-The 2007-2008 USA South Academic All-Conference Team members from GC follow:
Gregory Allen, baseball; Cameron Allison, men’s soccer; Michael Andrews, baseball; Tiffany Austin, cross country; Sarah Bell, athletic training; Jason Bolen, football; Richard Burton, football; Katherine Byrd, swimming/cross country; Carrie Carpenter, cheerleading; Nina Chiaruttini, softball; Jessica Clack, softball; Andrew Clark, men’s soccer; Kristen Coakley, softball; Sarah Joy Daniels, volleyball; Christina Denney, women’s lacrosse; Erika Divito, cheerleading; Santina Doldo, women’s soccer/lacrosse; Gregory Donah, men’s lacrosse; Jennifer Donah, women’s lacrosse; Jordan Dorsett, baseball; Christopher Duffy, men’s lacrosse; Lauren Engle, softball; Richard Eurillo, men’s soccer; Richard Fee, baseball; Michael Foderaro, men’s lacrosse; Katherine Freeman, women’s basketball; Scott Fry, baseball; Nevin Fulcher, baseball; Deanne Gerson, Women’s soccer; Jeffrey Guerrie, baseball; Travis Hardee, baseball; Susan Harris, women’s tennis; Devon Heath, men’s lacrosse; Caroline Heitkamp, women’s lacrosse; Adam Hill, cross country; Roderick Hill, football; Glenn Howell, men’s lacrosse; Joshua Huver, men’s lacrosse; Amanda Johnson, women’s soccer; Jenee Johnson, softball; Jordan Joyce, women’s cross country/basketball; Taylor Kyle, men’s soccer; Kendra Leghart, softball; Michelle Lemmons, volleyball/tennis; Ryeleigh Loftin, softball; Courtney Long, women’s soccer; Steven Losiewicz, football; Brianne McAlister, women’s cross country; Bridget McCaskill, volleyball; Octavia McDuffie, volleyball; Neal McKinney, men’s lacrosse; Rebekah McLeod, women’s basketball; Morgan Michelsohn, volleyball; Christopher Mock, baseball; Joshua Montague, baseball; Jamie Motsinger, women’s basketball/cross country; Benjamin Norman, men’s soccer; Tyler O’Neill, baseball; David Onusko, baseball; Carrie Pacifico, women’s tennis; Christopher Palme, football; Nicholas Patrone, men’s lacrosse; Stacie Patterson, softball; Ashley Pennington, softball; James Pike, baseball; Vanesse Pizzi, women’s soccer; Daniel Poindexter, baseball; Brian Richardson, football; Joshua Ryals, golf; Shana Saganich, women’s soccer; Jason Sharpe, basketball; Cassandra Shepherd, women’s soccer; Keith Simon, baseball; David Sutton, men’s tennis; Theophile Tamini, men’s basketball; Francois Theriault, men’s cross ountry/tennis; Chelsea Thomas, women’s basketball/cross country; Kathryn Timmons, women’s soccer; Justin Tinder, men’s cross country; Paul Travers, men’s cross country; Matthew Ward, men’s lacrosse; William White, men’s lacrosse; Nichole Wilborn, women’s basketball/softball; Anthony Williams, football; Olivia Williams, softball; Craig Wilson, football; Layne Woodard, women’s lacrosse; Bruce Zamuel, men’s basketball