Not so quick for Nick…..

Not so quick for Nick Bollea(Hulk Hogan’s son) who will have to stay another day or two in the old jailhouse…..

Here’s the word from and I also heard this story coming down this afternoon on WMFR 1230AM:

TAMPA, Fla. – Hulk Hogan’s 17-year-old son will stay in solitary confinement for now. A judge on Tuesday denied Nick Bollea’s request to change the conditions of his jail sentence because solitary confinement is causing him “unbearable anxiety.”

Bollea is serving eight months in jail after pleading no contest to causing a crash that seriously injured his friend.

Officials say he is segregated from other inmates in the county jail in Clearwater because he is a minor, even though he was convicted in adult court.

On Monday, his attorneys sued the Pinellas County sheriff, accusing jail officials of violating his privacy.

The lawsuit says jailers improperly released to the media recordings of telephone calls between him and his parents and allowed a news crew to film them.