Stampede at War Memorial Stadium:Here come the Colts…..

I stopped by the old War Memorial Stadium last night to take in some Colt baseball action and Donnie Stowe said get it on the blog and here comes the Stampede with up to the minute Colt Baseball standings based on what the board at the Stadium was saying on Monday evening.

I saw parts of two games in person with Dudley rolling over Southern Guilford and then Southeast Guilford went up 2-0 early on the undefeated Page squad before the Red and White roared back to win it over SEG 5-4 as the game ended in the top of the 7th with Tiger Miller at second and Dylan Shutt at first for the Falcons, but the two base runners would be denied the chance to score as the game came to a close on a pop up fly ball and a throw back to first for the double play and Page is one of only three unbeaten teams remaining in the Colt league so far this summer.

Here are the standings as Monday June 2nd for the summer Colt Baseball League:
Northwest Guilford #1-(8-0)
Southwest Guilford-(6-0)
Northern Guilford-(5-2)
Eastern Guilford-(5-4)
Southeast Guilford-(4-4)
Northwest Guilford #2-(2-4)
High Point Central-(1-6)
Southern Guilford-(1-8)
High Point Andrews-(0-7)
*****If anyone has more current info on these teams send it our way. Just leave any updates in the comment box or send them to…..*****

+++++UPDATE:Grimsley has moved to (7-1) and has a couple of games coming up this week with Dudley2. Big Ray Crawford needs to check in here and let us know how good Dudley1 is. I saw AJ their rising sophomore out there last night on the mound closing out the game for Dudley against Southern Guilford and Tevin Neal and Little Ray are on this team too.+++++

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  1. The # 1 Northwest Colt team is strong. They have varsity starters McKinney, Dixon and Clemons , S. Mikita is pitching very well. The entire team is hitting the ball well and I think have only given up under 10 runs this season. Northwest# 1 plays Northern G. Wednesday night.

  2. Can someone tell me who all plays for Page? I have heard they have some good players, led by their young first baseman (name slips me) and the centerfielder Long. How did they look last night Andy, and do you know the 1st baseman’s name? That kid does splits over there like my daughter thats a cheerleader can do. Impressive for a kid his size. Good stick too. I am anxious to see what kind of young pitching the pirates have b/c after Kornblum, there was no “shut-down” type guy this past year on varsity.

  3. If the first baseman is the tall kid who is now a sophomore at Page then it would be Jonathan Bethea.(Brandon Clifford’s brother) Bethea can also pitch and I’m not totally sure it was him out there for Page last night but I did see the splits at first by the Page player on defense.

    The Page starting shortstop is same kid that was at SS for the Pirates during the past season and I believe he was a freshman.

    Page had a very tough little pitcher on the mound on Monday and they also had the young coach over there in the dugout that is Coach Hardin’s assistant and he is very vocal and he makes the kids stay in the game at all times. The small, young coach even makes the kids that aren’t in the game run between innings to keep them ready and in the game at all times.

    That little Page assistant coach reminds me of Coach Ashkinazy because he is vocal and he makes the kids stay in the game and know what is going on at all times. He keeps them ready and alert so if they have to go into the game they can step up and play………..

  4. Bethea was Page’s first baseman last night. It doesn’t look like he is going to pitch anymore b/c he probably saves as many runs over at first as he could on the mound. Johnny Brown is the shortstop and will be a sophomore. Potentally big time hitter. Dusty Long is the centerfielder. Great outfielder, likes to layout, and a real solid fundamental hitter. Mitchell Oates (starting pg for the pirate basketball team) plays leftfield and leads off. He can flat out fly around the bases. Not much should fall in the grass next year against the Pirates. There are multiple options in right that will solidify that spot. Haven’t seen Freddie Brown much on the field but I don’t know why. He is a solid player that can play just about anywhere. Felix Delgado is the smooth swinging left hander that DH’s or plays outfield. They have some really good young talent, their success next season will be based off of their pitching as the main guys will be moving up from JV. They also have some older guys that aren’t playing Colt that should give them a pretty good team next season. Thanks for giving the Pirates some love Andy.

  5. The records for colt dont really show the entire picture. The league has a whole is really not as strong as past years. There are several strong teams but as we know it depends on who brings
    the best game on the given night. The best are Northwest 1 Jamestown, Southwest, Grimsley, Dudley 1, and Page. Andy we have lost 2 games one to Grimsley by 1 run we left
    approx 10 runners on base. We lost 1 to Southwest and we were missing some key players.
    Ray, Tevin and AJ are having a Great Summer Ray had nine doubles in three games, Tevin
    has not lost a game record of 5-0, AJ is not only pitching well he is tearing the ball up at the plate.Andy we have two other Kids that are playing great remember these names Eric Kimber and Phillip Chavis. If we come to play I like our chances on any night.
    Thanks for all your support you are a good PERSON.
    Go Panthers


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