Great explanation of Palomino Baseball for 2008…..

This comes in today from one of our readers and this explanation is exactly what was told to me yesterday and I was looking to put it up on the site ASAP and here it is today and this is a great call with all of the questions that we have had coming in as of late. I will add a few footnotes to the bottom part of this breakdown. Thanks for sending this our way…..

It would appear that the league that the Patriots, Shockers, Spirits, etc. play in is “Palomino” in name only. It seems that the league officials have chosen to be sanctioned by NABF or Babe Ruth, not PONY Baseball. That’s why the “Palomino” league teams do not have any 19 year olds this year which is allowed by PONY/Palomino rules. That’s also why the league winner will not move on to national Palomino tournament play but will instead move on to play in the NABF or Babe Ruth national tourney.

This information came to me from one of the league coaches. Apparently it was all explained at the pre-season coaches meeting.

As for PP, they have paid their PONY Baseball fees and will be allowed to play in the national Palomino tournament (maybe as an “at large team?).

Good, bad, right or wrong that’s the way it is.

*****I was also told that Bob Doss did not want the 19 year-olds in the league and that is why the move away from “Palomino” and the move toward NABF was made. All of this was voted on by league officials before Bob’s death. The Proehlific Power is in effect the only true “Palomino” baseball team in North Carolina.*****

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  1. So the PONY affiliation w/19 year olds is more like the old Thoroughbred League that played in Greensboro in the 70’s? Originally Palomino was 17 and 18 and the Thoroughbred league was 19-21 yo’s with college eligibility. Just tryin to get a grasp on the situation.

  2. Does the birthday cutoff still stand at may 1st instead of Aug. 1st like the good ol days.

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