Why didn’t the Chicken cross the road?

I came across a combination chicken/rooster this morning on my daily run and this bird looked more like a Peregrine Falcon. It was still a bird with a rooster’s head and chicken’s body and as I approached this feathered friend he or she had their wings spread and ready for flight.

This is all happening in nice subdivision down off of Liberty Road and this bird is a smart fryer. Our GREENSBOROSports.com jogger/blogger(me) is running along and I see this bird getting set to cross the road but here comes a vehicle in our direction.

Why didn’t the Chicken cross the road? It didn’t want to get hit by the big yellow school bus.

In closing, I would say this one of the more exotic birds that I have seen and I never knew that in my later years I would become bird-watcher. Former Mayor Carolyn Allen can you feel this, I say sister, “Can You Dig It?” Former Mayor Allen is an avid bird-watcher…..