MASN 2 – Time Warner 0

If you got lawyers, you can keep things in court forever.

Last year after a federal court ruled that Time Warner Cable was favoring it’s own sports channels over MASN, Time Warner appealed to the FCC. Cable is some what regulated as a utility and is required to be content neutral. However, most cable companies are also owned by the same media companies that provide cable channels and other types of programming. So there is a fine line between being fair and being anti-competitive. The courts ruled that MASN deserved the same coverage as channels owned by Time Warner or its partners.

Time Warner appealed and again they have lost.

This means that MASN should be added to the basic channel line up. It means that cable customers will be able to watch the Orioles, Nationals, as well as a few more NC College teams. It probably also means another cable rate increase.

One thought on “MASN 2 – Time Warner 0

  1. I am sure Time Warner will probably try some other dirt tricks to try and keep MASN off the basic tier. Maybe this will finally get MASN on our cable system but until I see it, I won’t believe it.

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