Colt Baseball race getting tight as season winds down…..

I spoke briefly with Northern Guilford Colt baseball coach Johnny Smith on Sunday and he said the Northern Guilford Nighthawks won 3 game this past week and the race for first place in the Summer league is getting tight.

Northern beat Page, Northwest, and Southwest this past week to improve to something in the neighborhood of (12-4). NWG, SWG, Page, Grimsley, and Dudley are still up near the top of the standings and now Northern is in the hunt for the title as well.

2 thoughts on “Colt Baseball race getting tight as season winds down…..

  1. Northern beat NWG and they very much deserved to win. They played good defense. My Northern friends told me that they had only 2 hits and scored 3 runs in that game. To many, a hit to left center by Northern was catchable by NWG. They scored 2 runs on that hit. That put them ahead 3 to 2 which eventually won the game. As I understand it, NWG’s starting varsity outfielder was DH’ed and wasn’t in the outfield the entire game. So go figure. When they play us on Wednesday, I hope they do the same.

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