Was Jack Murphy being a JACKASS?????

Was Jack Murphy being a JACKASS when he made his comments about the retirement of Dusty Dunn from the local radio airwaves or is Jack a JACKASS every day?????

Here’s JA Murphy’s comment:Jack Murphy said:
Will not miss him(Dusty Dunn) at all…..

Here’s what Brad Krantz-of FM Talk 101.1 WZTK had to say:
The comedic irony in Jack Murphy’s comment had me falling on the floor laughing. Unable to top that riotous Friar’s Club-like loving insult, let me say this:

I’m sure there’s more to Dusty’s “retirement” than is revealed in Jerri Rowe’s piece, and for Greensboro’s sake, lets hope that “retirement” is temporary. As the number of truly local voices on commercial radio dwindle to a precious few, guys like Dusty Dunn can’t be duplicated or home grown anymore, since most stations are minimally staffed and syndicated programming is the rule. I worked at the same station (WKEW) as Dusty did back in 1997 for a few months, and he was the model of class you’d expect (under extremely difficult conditions, as the owner at that point was a psychopath…as so many of them are).

All the best to you, Dusty, and many years ahead of good health and cheer to you.

The Murphy and Krantz comments were from the News and Record’s online site at www.news-record.com…..

Here’s a comment from one our GREENSBOROSports.com readers who sent his comment to the News and Record at news-record.com, but the N&R refused to print the comment:

The above comment from Jack Murphy (morning dj of the triads teen-pop fm non-supa power station) proves one thing > “jack your insecurity is showing”! For you to take a cheap shot at Dusty Dunn who has never been a threat to you and your poney-ass station, simply because you play Britney Spears, and Dusty Dunn has been an AM talk radio guy is actaully ignorant. Two totally different formats people. AM TALK & FM POP…..Jack maybe you should consider getting back into that LA WEIGHT LOSS program, but this time for your head. Godspeed Dusty Dunn. Oh by the way …”jack it must suck that you have to be part of the Britney Spears crowd” Hit me baby one more time!
*****from a local RETRO Club and Radio DJ*****