Was Jack Murphy being a JACKASS?????

Was Jack Murphy being a JACKASS when he made his comments about the retirement of Dusty Dunn from the local radio airwaves or is Jack a JACKASS every day?????

Here’s JA Murphy’s comment:Jack Murphy said:
Will not miss him(Dusty Dunn) at all…..

Here’s what Brad Krantz-of FM Talk 101.1 WZTK had to say:
The comedic irony in Jack Murphy’s comment had me falling on the floor laughing. Unable to top that riotous Friar’s Club-like loving insult, let me say this:

I’m sure there’s more to Dusty’s “retirement” than is revealed in Jerri Rowe’s piece, and for Greensboro’s sake, lets hope that “retirement” is temporary. As the number of truly local voices on commercial radio dwindle to a precious few, guys like Dusty Dunn can’t be duplicated or home grown anymore, since most stations are minimally staffed and syndicated programming is the rule. I worked at the same station (WKEW) as Dusty did back in 1997 for a few months, and he was the model of class you’d expect (under extremely difficult conditions, as the owner at that point was a psychopath…as so many of them are).

All the best to you, Dusty, and many years ahead of good health and cheer to you.

The Murphy and Krantz comments were from the News and Record’s online site at www.news-record.com…..

Here’s a comment from one our GREENSBOROSports.com readers who sent his comment to the News and Record at news-record.com, but the N&R refused to print the comment:

The above comment from Jack Murphy (morning dj of the triads teen-pop fm non-supa power station) proves one thing > “jack your insecurity is showing”! For you to take a cheap shot at Dusty Dunn who has never been a threat to you and your poney-ass station, simply because you play Britney Spears, and Dusty Dunn has been an AM talk radio guy is actaully ignorant. Two totally different formats people. AM TALK & FM POP…..Jack maybe you should consider getting back into that LA WEIGHT LOSS program, but this time for your head. Godspeed Dusty Dunn. Oh by the way …”jack it must suck that you have to be part of the Britney Spears crowd” Hit me baby one more time!
*****from a local RETRO Club and Radio DJ*****

17 thoughts on “Was Jack Murphy being a JACKASS?????

  1. Jack is NOT his REAL name – he is so in-secure that he must hide behind a “radio name”. Fortunately, WKZL can be heard by hundreds of thousands of people; allowing him to alienate a large percentage of the public. Look at the ratings, he is one TOP shows – but THINK ABOUT THIS – The number of people listening to his show in minuscule as it relates to the total population. Despite a potential audience of a million or more, he has a few hundred or so listeners.

  2. POOR JACK! An old man surrounded by twenty-somethings and under. I heard that Jack was doing part time dj work at a local roller rink…yep…do they still have those around ? hmmm….its such a shame that such an old man fuels his ego by “the weekly pop countdown”. At least Rod Davis plays ‘adult contemporary’ . Jack your choice words about Dusty Dunn whom i never really had a chance to listen to , because i do the late nite shift @ W_ _ _ …..I MUST SAY TO YOU ….YOU WERE QUITE JEALOUS that Dusty Dunn got so much publicity. Jack if you change your path in life , and embrace adulthood radio you just might enhance your well being. Are you still using Botox?

  3. Most people stop caring about WKZL after graduation. or at least when they become old enough to drink.

  4. Mirphy’s real name is Randy Aycuff. From the Roy Aycuff family with strong ties toward Country Music and 5th grade educations.

  5. I heard that WKZL held an event at the local water park. They were giving out FREE kool-aid, popcorn and cotton candy (no wait- cotton
    candy is their format). I also heard they were giving out old Backstreet Boys posters to the kids and those unhappily married
    women who listen to this garbage.

  6. Jack Murphy and his morning crew are sooooooooooooooooooooo out of touch, as well as DORKS!

  7. Murphy is out of touch and a real sleaze! Josh and Jared are morons as well. Katie is OK. She is fairly hot for a radio chick.

  8. I moved to greensboro last year. I listened to wkzl for maybe 3 months. I was highly annoyed. It was like torture listening to those GEEKS in the morning. I would listen because i was new to the area. However coming from Los Angeles i saw how STUPID AND ARROGANT this JACK guy was …..he also tries too hard to be cool, something that he is not. NOW for those two ugly guys on the radio with him…they sound really bad for radio. They are not true radio guys. And they should lose those ballcaps , but i guess they are covering up their baldspots. Anyhow i am a day-trader by profession so i have time to listen to the radio, and thank God for XM radio. In conclusion WKZL really sucks…seriously…coming from the LA DUDE!

  9. I heard that Jack Murphy was doing voice-overs to make himself feel more like an adult>>>>taking distance from those twenty something crowds…. Is he the voice behind the chipmunks? side note>>that Josey chic is really annoying too. Damn i can’t stand her voice. If you want torture radio listen to wkzl. The on-air staff will annoy you in less than 30 minutes with their pretentious voice breaks.

  10. Jack Murphy won’t miss Dusty Dunn because Dusty’s never been on “Hannah Montana” or “The Suite Life with Zack and Cody.”

  11. today/8/20/08 I was made aware of this site and blog. I had to laugh at first then just got angry. First of all I never said, I won’t miss him at all. Period end of discussion! FYI, just
    one other small point in search of the truth , my teeny boop show show is rated #1 18-34 and 25-54 6-10am and has been for mush of the past 17 years. I wish Dusty well in what ever he does in the future and will say a prayer for his Father. Who the hell is Randy Acuff?

  12. Thank you, Jack for responding. I for one love your show and feel that everyone adds something and appreciate all that Murphy’s Kids does to get the community involved and help our children in this area

  13. Jack is a total jerk and a cward who carrys a gun for being afraid someone will kick his ass. He is a fake he does Murphy’s Kids to get attention he could care less

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