OK, All of you Nascar fans-here we go-Which driver is Nascar’s best driver? Now, I don’t mean the one you like the best, although, I do know separating your favorite and then picking the best might border on the impossible! And just maybe your favorite IS the best!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m picking the outspoken,cocky,sometimes whiny, always tells it like it is-Tony Stewart…..when it’s all said and done he can outdrive the field-even though this year he’s not having his best season so far, but this Nascar deal is a grind, a marathon until the last race in Homestead. It would be easy to pick Kyle Busch and he most definitely is the best young driver, but if I’m a betting man, and I used, to be I’m putting my long green on ole Tony.

Let’s see what you guys think-I have a feeling this might be a DEJr. crowd as most are in this part of the world, but I’ve been wrong before…….We’ll see who gets the response from you guys. The GREEN flag just dropped!

*****from Jim Modlin senior writer*****


  1. Tony Stewart is the man! He is the AJ Foyt of the 21st century.

    Junior, on the other hand, is all hype. People want him to be like his Dad, but he’s not. Tony Stewart is a lot closer to being like the Earnhardt Sr than Dale Jr is.

    Who is Junior like? Kyle Petty, of course.

  2. For me, Tony Stewart is the guy that you always worry about even if it’s not been his race.
    He just knows how to stay around and when it’s show time.
    Dale Junior is a fun Ricky Rudd.
    He’s a good driver but he doesn’t drive like his father and that’s not a bad thing.
    I think people really look for him to break out because of his name value.

  3. There is a lot more to being the “best” driver than running people into the wall and taking the checkers, which is all Dale Sr ever did. Of course people were scared of him! Who wouldn’t be scared of someone would just assume run you into the wall at 200 mph then finish second place. Junior is a much better driver than his dad was, and other drivers respect him a lot more too. I hate to see anyone die that way or any other way for that matter, but the fact is that he died because he was out there playing games at 200 mph trying to block the entire field so his team and his son could win the race! This is kind of a pointless question anyway though. Drivers get all the credit in nascar, but in reality racing is just as much a team sport as any other. They are all professional race car drivers, there isnt much difference from one to another, its more about the ride…

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