OK, All of you Nascar fans-here we go-Which driver is Nascar’s best driver? Now, I don’t mean the one you like the best, although, I do know separating your favorite and then picking the best might border on the impossible! And just maybe your favorite IS the best!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m picking the outspoken,cocky,sometimes whiny, always tells it like it is-Tony Stewart…..when it’s all said and done he can outdrive the field-even though this year he’s not having his best season so far, but this Nascar deal is a grind, a marathon until the last race in Homestead. It would be easy to pick Kyle Busch and he most definitely is the best young driver, but if I’m a betting man, and I used, to be I’m putting my long green on ole Tony.

Let’s see what you guys think-I have a feeling this might be a DEJr. crowd as most are in this part of the world, but I’ve been wrong before…….We’ll see who gets the response from you guys. The GREEN flag just dropped!

*****from Jim Modlin senior writer*****