Former Greensboro Hornets pitcher Curt Schilling’s season over, maybe career…

Schilling says he’s done for season, maybe career.

Curt Schilling will have surgery on his ailing shoulder Monday, ending his season and possibly his career.

The 41-year-old Boston Red Sox right-hander will have the operation after a rehabilitation program preferred by the team failed to fix the tendon injury that sparked a spring training dispute between doctors about how to treat it.

“My season is over and there is a pretty decent chance I have thrown my last pitch forever,” Schilling said Friday on WEEI radio in Boston.

Schilling has been out since the start of spring training. His physician, Dr. Craig Morgan, confirmed to The Associated Press that he will do the surgery Monday in Wilmington, Del.

“This could conceivably be a career-ending procedure,” Morgan said. “We’re doing this so that Curt Schilling will have a totally functional, pain-free shoulder for the rest of his life.”

Schilling did not return a phone call but addressed the issue on his blog, 38

“Coming back from this surgery at 31 would be an enormous challenge, at 41 more so,” he wrote. “BUT, if that is an option at least I’ll be able to make that decision with all the cards on the table, and it will end on terms I choose. I won’t come back throwing 85 with so-so crap. If there is not an option to come back and be good, I won’t.”
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+++++Curt Schilling was with the Greensboro Hornets(Boston Red Sox) in 1987 and played for manager Dick Beradino and the team finished 12th in the South Atlantic League that season.+++++
@@@@@1987 Greensboro SAL 20 yrs. old, Boston Red Sox, Class A, 8 Wins-15 Losses, 3.82 ERA, 29 Games, 28 Starts, 7 Complete Games, 0 Saves, 184.0 Innings Pitched, 179 Hits, 96 Runs, 78 Earned, 10 Home Runs, 65 BB’s, 189 K’s, 10 Wild Pitches…….@@@@@