Word travels fast about GREENSBOROSports.com and here’s what some of the good people are saying…..

I saved up a few special comments about GREENSBOROSports.com and thought we might take a look at how we are doing in the public polls. Here’s some of the things we are hearing about the site:

1)There are some good things there for the triad area sports scene but I have to say I’ve lost some respect for Andy Durham. Seems it’s all about him now.

2)Stay away from that guy his opinion means nothing!

3)This is as much about Andy getting action on his website as anything.

4)This guy thinks he is the —-. It is an opinion. Just like mine everyone has one. He claims to be a sports reporter. What sport is he reporting?

5)Quite frankly it Peed me off so bad when I read it.

6)He has a few good points and a lot of bad points.

7)This is nothing but garbage.
It is quite obvious that this person has no background in youth athletics.

8)That was about as disgusting a piece of garbage as I have ever read.

9)After reading a few of the articles, I believe the guy wants to do a good job and to provide info in an area that is void of HS sports info.
He does have a high opinion of himself…..

10)Is the sportswriter for real? His ego must be bigger than the Greensboro market for him to be making the claims about himself that he does. The underlying message was, “How dare anybody question me. I have the most exeperience in this area and am beyond criticism.” Very child-like response to the criticism he has caught.

*****These comments were so good I thought I would put them into a Top Ten with not really one being any better than the other…..I’m sure that the posters have changed their opinions by now and they are ready to climb on board for the long haul. I apprecitate the things that are being said about us in and around the community and there are plenty more where these came from.

Some days the approach may appear a bit bleak here but I do respect what others are saying about at us at all the sites. It’s a lot like what the old farmer, John Smith, told me when I worked on his farm as a kid.

He said, “Andy, I’ve got some good news and some bad news……The bad news is, all we have for you to do today is shovel cow manure. The good news:THERE’S PLENTY OF IT“. And we have plenty to talk about, plus the overall outlook is getting brighter…….