A Note About Commenting From The Admin

There has been a lively discussion about High School Baseball and personally, I wished I had not closed the forum because it would be better suited in that environment. (We will re-open the forum before school starts back.)

When a person comments, they can leave a Name and Email Address, which does not necessarily have to be real. However, all commenters have their IP Address logged.

I have noticed that there are several comments from the SAME IP ADDRESS with different names and email addresses. Given the nature of the IP Address, it’s pretty safe to say we have somebody with multiple personalities. There are even comments from several people that is actually one person arguing with them self.

We don’t really mind that, it’s actually entertaining at times.

UPDATE: Post Authors can manage/edit/delete comments of their posts. We have several writers, Andy is one of the more active. We currently don’t have a policy for commenting, we will consider it.