Who needs college or the NBA? Jennings ready to take the PAYDAY in Monterey…

A year ago, there was speculation that former shoe company czar Sonny Vaccaro was set to go barnstorming over in Europe with a group that would include O.J. Mayo, Bill Walker and a few other elite players coming out of high school.

At the time, it seemed pretty far-fetched that an American-born player would bypass the college experience to play in anonymity outside his home country.

It didn’t end up happening, but now it appears as though Brandon Jennings, arguably the top incoming freshman in the entire country, could become a trendsetter of sorts and opt for overseas money over a one-year college experience at Arizona.

“He’s definitely considering it,” said Kelly Williams, the father of New Jersey Nets point guard Marcus Williams and also a close advisor to the Jennings family. “Why wouldn’t he?”

“If it’s a sweet enough deal, why wouldn’t he look into it?” Williams added. “But there’s nothing definitive right now. They are in the process of investigating it, but he’s not going to go just to become the first kid to go overseas. We’re not going to put him in a bad situation. We’d try and put him in a situation where he can grow and develop.”

Jennings first hatched the idea from Vaccaro, who is on a personal crusade against the NCAA and NBA because of the restrictions that those organizations impose on young basketball players.
(from foxsports.com)
*****We saw Jennings at the Greensboro Coliseum on MLK Day when he came to town with Oak Hill. Jennings had 49 points in that Monday afternoon game against Christ School and the Plumlee brothers(Duke-bound) out of Arden, N.C.*****