Mumblings and Grumblings surrounding WWE Draft…..

Rey Mysterio was not happy about being moved from the Smackdown brand over to the Raw side. He took pride in the fact that the Smackdown side was more concerned with attracting the Latino demographic. Like most wrestlers, he was also upset that he would be leaving some friends behind and felt snubbed because the company didn’t warn him about the switch ahead of time.

Although most people initially assumed that company officials tipped off Batista about moving to Raw, the buzz backstage was that he didn’t know he was moving to the Raw side. The feeling is that he should be thrilled with the move since he will be featured as one of the main players on the Raw side as either one of the top babyfaces with Cena or as one of the top heels with Randy Orton.

The word from WWE sources is that Triple H is the only person who was told in advance that he’d be switching brands. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the move works out better for Hunter’s schedule because he’ll only be away from Stephanie McMahon-Levesque and their children two days per week (she plans to take both kids on the road once she comes back from maternity leave), whereas he was away for three days because of the Raw schedule.
from and WON(The Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

*****I’ve got two words for these guys:SHUT UP!!!!! Take your paycheck and run. Rey stays injured all the time and hardly is on TV more than a month out of the year anyway. Rey’s issues limit his work schedule and he still gets full pay so this guy better consider himself lucky to have a job. Batista doesn’t have any room to talk. He keeps telling anyone that listen that he is retiring in two years. I hope he has, and will continue to say his money. After Mysterio and Batista come out to their firework intros, what’s left? A couple of duds!!!!! Rey used to be great, but now he is broken down and slow and how long before he goes on the shelf again? Batista is BIG and that’s about it. BANG, BANG…..Bruce Mitchell knows more about what is going on with wrestling than either one of these Jack-legs. Batista and Mysterio will keep going through the motions and they will keep cashing those paychecks…..AD*****

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  1. That’s what you learned from me after all these years, and particularly in the last one – wrestlers are just meat puppets who should just keep their mouths shut and count themselves lucky they have jobs?

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