Crawford going/coming to Compton, California…..


Major League Baseball has collaborated with USA Baseball to sponsor the inaugural
Breakthrough Series at the MLB Urban Youth Academy in Compton, California, during the week of July 21, 2008.

The event is designed to showcase rising high school junior and senior baseball players from urban areas throughout the United States who have not participated in other travel and high-end tournaments, giving the players considerable exposure. The Breakthrough Series will consist of instruction and a round-robin series of games among three teams of selected players from July 22-24.

Many college coaches are expected to attend the event to recruit players who demonstrate outstanding potential but who may not have had the opportunity for exposure through other summer events. The tournament will consist of three teams selected by the Major League Scouting Bureau, the MLB Urban Youth Academy and the Atlanta-based organization Mentoring Viable Prospects (MVP), which focuses on supporting young athletes in both academic and athletic settings to obtain college scholarships. At the event, USA Baseball will work with the athletes to facilitate communication between players and college recruiters.

“Major League Baseball is very pleased that our partnership with USA Baseball will yield this important forum in which deserving young athletes will get additional exposure and potential opportunities, ”said Jimmie Lee Solomon, MLB’s Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations. “The Breakthrough Series is another step in our comprehensive ongoing efforts to bolster the foundation of our game in the areas that most need support.”

“We are extremely excited to partner with Major League Baseball on this initiative,” said Paul Seiler,
Executive Director/CEO of USA Baseball. “This will be a great enhancement to our charter to grow the game of baseball in America.”

*****from Raymond Crawford Sr.:
My son Raymond Crawford II from Dudley High School recently attended one of these tryouts. Ray was chosen to represent North Carolina and will be flying to Compton for this event. We are very proud of him and his accomplishments this year and wanted you to know. We thank you for your support of not only Ray but the entire Dudley Baseball program.*****

+++++Congrats to both Rays and I just saw the Dudley trainer/strength and conditioning coach, Mr. McMillian and he said that the Dudley defense has five guys across the front line that can bench press 300 pounds plus and that the Panthers will be ready to defend their State 3-A Title this fall. Coach Mac is a good one and he has done so much to help the Dudley program. I ran into Coach Mac at the Food Rite Market and Deli on East Market Street. I spoke to Dudley Panther basketball coach David Price last week at the State Games at the Coliseum Special Events Center and he told me that Sean May, the son of Scott May, will be ready to play a key role for the Charlotte Bobcats and Coach Larry Brown this fall. Coach Price said the ‘Cats will bring May along much slower this season and that he should reach a peak performance level right about the time the NBA playoffs get started.+++++AD

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