Girl Watchers…..

We need some news on Girl’s Softball. If anyone has anything for us, send it to and we will print it. If you know of a local tournament or a big game coming up involving two of our local rivals please let us know and we will try to get out there.

We have not been receiving much info on Softball but we will print what we get and we have had some news come in previously from Danny Shutt with the Triad Power local girls softball team.

If you have it we need it and we may have to send one of our reporters over to the Time Out Lounge to see if they are sponsoring a team again this season. Their former coach Dave Thomas has moved on to help with the UNCG volleyball team and he now is working out of the Lawndale Drive-In.

Again if you have some info we could sure use it. We are not trying to neglect the girl’s softball action, we just need some good contacts so we can see what’s happening.