Biggest Upset of the Past Year?????

The ESPY’s are coming up and the Sports Talk shows are hitting this topic hard. The BIGGEST UPSET of the Past Year……

Was it:
#1)Appalachian State over Michigan(College Football)
#2)Fresno State over Georgia(College Baseball World Series)
#3)New York Giants over New England(The Super Bowl)
#4)Big Brown losing the final leg of The Triple Crown(Horse Racing)

*****In my own opinion I will take them in the order I have listed above, at least that’s how they impacted me. App #1, Fresno State #2, NYG #3, and Big Brown, Big Deal or No Deal…..*****

+++++What do you the reader think?????+++++

In the area high schools over the past year, I would say Southeast Guilford losing in the first round of the state baseball playoffs was huge, the Grimsley girls basketball team falling in the regionals and not even making it back to the State Finals was big, and Dudley winning that State Footall Championship still looms large when you look at our area’s recent success in state footall titles over the past 20 years…..*****

4 thoughts on “Biggest Upset of the Past Year?????

  1. Survey says Fresno State. No other team in the past year was able to accomplish what the Bulldogs did.


  2. This isn’t even a contest, App St in a landslide. The only thing that even comes close ( in my mind) would be some of the Davidson basketball games in the NCAA…

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