Power report and Colt All-Star Rosters..

I made the trip out to Northern Guilford last night as the Proehlific Power took on Fuquay-Varina in a wooden bat contest that got under way about thirty minutes late because the umpires were running behind. This seems to be an on going trend this summer with the same thing happening at the Colt Tournament back on July 4 when the umpires were an hour late that day for a 12 noon start.

Like we said last night’s game was set for 7 but it got rolling just after 7:30 and that left me with about an hour of viewing time. I had planned to sneak out at around 8:00 to go catch the MLB All-Star game but I stayed on the scene until just after 8:30. The way the All-Star game was moving, in retrospect, I could have stayed at Northern watching the Proehlific Power until 11pm.

The way things ended up when I pulled out the Power was on top 4-1 over Fuquay-Varina with Esterlin Paulino on the mound for the PP. Paulino looked strong and the Power has had several long layoffs lately with all the rain that has been moving through the area. Lyle Donaldson made a very nice defensive move on a foul ball, short pop-up behind the plate; Logan Self had a smooth defensive stop at third base; while Michael Wall, Matt Nettesheim, Aaron Jones, Nick Jones, Robbie McIntosh, Travis Woolen, and Alex Swim all hit the ball hard for the Power.

Again when I pulled out the Power was up 4-1 over Fuquay-Varina. I saw a lot of the local Power followers at the game including Ricky Proehl, David and Debbie Nettesheim, Robbie Jones, Jason Smith, Betty Smith, Tucker Durham Smith, Hayden, The Dimocks, and coaches Justin Smith, Johnny Smith, and Bob Sublett. I also saw and spoke to some other fans, and I don’t know their names, but it was good to see you.

Larry Farrer will be sending us the Colt All-Star rosters and we should have those up here on the site for you on Thursday. A note from Larry yesterday:

We are going to scrimmage each other tomorrow(Wednesday) at 6:30pm at Grimsley. We should know after tomorrow(Wednesday) who will be on which team. I will keep you informed.