We need to Support OUR East-West All-Star Games…

from Jim Modlin GREENSBOROSports.com

OK, I know they come around like clockwork every year-I’m talking about the East-West All Star games. We all know that the games aren’t quite as prestigious as they used to be back in the day when ALL the great players played, but the talent level is still outstanding.

Having put that frame together, all of us sports fans-you must be because you’re on this sports website-should embrace and support these games. It is easy to take them for granted because they do come around every year and they are right in our front door-almost to convenient-easily taken for granted. Now the games will be attended, especially the football game,by a throng of coaches in town for the clinic, which is the backbone of the entire deal.

The basketball games are Monday July 21st. at the coliseum. If you are looking for a player to watch, a kid who is worth the ticket price-check out the East’s Ty Walker,7’0″-225, out of New Hanover. He is headed to Wake Forest for college and joins two other 5 star recruits, that stuck with the Deacons, having been recruited by the late Skip Prosser. Those three recruits will be part of the Prosser legacy at Wake-they are that good. Coach Gaudio will have a terrific young nucleus to build around.

The soccer games are Tuesday at UNCG. You soccer fans know who you are and can soak up the kicks and licks.

The climax and the biggest deal of the week is the football at Grimsley, Wednesday July 23rd. with several area players involved. One area coach will be there, Northeast Guilford’s Gary Angel. Gary has been with Northeast’s head coach Tommy Pursley for at least 25 years at 4 different schools and is big part of the success NEG has had. If you like fireworks-and who doesn’t-the halftime fireworks show is another reason to attend. Now, if the weather will cooperate for the outdoor games, all will be well in the Gate City!