Grasshopper Broadcast Archive

We’ve had some problems with UStream archiving past videos. We are not sure if it is a problem with our recordings, the length or the total space each game occupies. As a result, we are going to remove all but the last 4 or 5 videos. If anyone would like a copy, you can contact us via email and we can make arrangements to place the file where you can get it from the Internet. The archive videos are converted to Video iPod format.

2 thoughts on “Grasshopper Broadcast Archive

  1. Thanks for making these video’s available. I’m impressed that a Single-A Team is doing this.

    On the other hand, with regards to archiving, are you sure it’s not to eliminate the evidence of a JINX on the field. It appears as if the gentleman in the black jacket and kakhi pants who slips into the team line up during the National Athem and High-Fives the Team on wins is JINX’ing the Team. Every time that the Grasshoppers have won, this guy (who does not appear on the Grasshoppers roster, team, coaches, staff or even on the Grasshoppers website) slips on to the field from what appears to be a usher or security position and joins the team in the celebration.

    This guy is neither dressed as an Usher or a Security Staff member; but seems to walk around as if he owns the place. We first noticed him on the game before the All-Star broadcast. He’s on the field and the lose a few of the next games. He shows up again on June 25th and the Grasshoppers go on a 8 game losing streak. The Grasshoppers win again on the July 4th and he’s high-fiving the team again – followed by a 5 game losing streak. And this past week, Hoppers WIN, then they LOSE – twice.

    Now you take away the evidence that proves my point. I’m sending a separate email to take you up on your offer of copies. I’m also going to inquire who this joker is (I think I’m pretty sure I know) and why he is allowed on the field. We’re not allowed on the field as parents or fans, so why is this mystery man-JINX allowed?

  2. That’s the guy that goes around telling people that he’ s a Scout for the Yankees or Marlins (depending on what clothes he has on). We heard him trying to get in free at a Durham Bulls game telling the ticket taker he was important. Total sleeze ball. He claims to be employed by some sort of law enforcement; but the cops and security in Greensboro say he’s not. If he was under-cover, he wouldn’t try to bring attention to himself as he does.

    It will be interesting because they won Sunday and he was High-5’ng the team. If Babe Ruth is right, the Grasshoppers will lose Monday.

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