East-West All-Star football means it’s time again to pass out the pig…

With the playing of the East-West football game last night at Grimsley’s Jamieson Stadium, it means it’s time again to pass out the pig.

Pigskin, it’s football season again…..The East beat the West 27-3 on a rain-soaked field and the area high schools get rolling with practice starting next Thursday. A few area teams will get going at 12 midnight on July 31 and then will settle into a regular practice routine on Friday. Schools have been going at it in 7 on 7 drills all summer long and now they are ready to get to work.

Will Newman, the quarterback at Page and Ricky Lewis, the QB at Dudley will be two of the top Guilford County kids to watch. Ricky Dowdy(DE/LB) at High Point Central and Danny O’Brien(QB) at East Forsyth are two others in our area that we will need to keep track of.

There was a large crowd of football people at last night’s East-West game including Brandon Anderson(Grimsley), Gary Angell(NEG), Bob, Mary, and Stephen Via(NEG/Page), Chris Causey(WG), Lewis Newman(Grimsley), Clayton Nance(Page/GPR), William Hardin(Page), Robert Stutts(Grimsley/Page), Big John Harris(South Davidson), Linwood Jerrell(WS Atkins) and many more on the fly.