Sandman in court, Brooke Hogan in birthday suit…..

A court hearing for James “Sandman” Fullington(well-known professional wrestler) was delayed on Tuesday in Yonkers, New York because prosecutors requested additional time to review his rap sheet to determine how much bail to ask for, according to the New York Post. The story also notes that restaurant owner Ralph Tarone, who struck Fullington with a beer bottle, made the situation worse by “antagonizing him.”

The incident occurred at the 75th birthday party of Lou Albano(The Captain). His niece Kami Albano said Tarone should have been arrested. “The fight was both their faults, and T.J. should have been arrested, too,” she said. “I also went to the bartender and asked that anyone who was drinking hard liquor be cut off. They ignored our wishes.” To read the full story, visit

Brooke Hogan has been approached by Playboy regarding a nude pictorial, her publicist told the New York Daily News. “No decision has been made at this time,” the publicist stated. To read the full story, visit

Here’s what Brooke’s daddy Hulk is saying about the car wreck involving his son Nick and the jail house audio tapes, plus the word on his ex-wife Linda dating a 19 year-old.

Hulk Hogan was interviewed by a Tampa Bay television reporter regarding “the insanity” of his life: “Am I sorry the tapes were released? Yes. Do I apologize? Yes. Did I say things with an edge? Yes. Did I say things incorrectly? Yes.”

Hogan also commented on his estranged wife Linda Bollea dating a 19 year-old. “It’s just such a weird scenario—a 50 year-old woman dating a 19 year-old boy,” he said. “None of us understand it. If there’s something there we’re missing then I understand, but it’s really off the wall.” To view the interview, visit
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