News & Record Headline Writers Need a Break!

I was looking on the News & Record website today, when i saw this headlineHoppers get greedy in victory. JR, please let these folks out a bit.

Just because Michael Stanton hit a 2 run homer in the 9th with a 6 to 1 lead does not mean they are greedy. Michael doubled at his first at bat, he was hit at his second at bat. Grounds out (with a new pitcher) at his third at bat. After another pitching change by Hagerstown, Michael hits his Home Run.

Remember that this is a developmental league, Michael faced 3 different pitchers. You want him to do his best at bat against each new situation, which a new pitcher fits that bill. Now if Hagerstown had left the same pitcher in throughout the game, that would have been greedy. If these kids don’t do their best with every opportunity, they may never see Jupiter, Zebulon or Albuquerque.

Plus, it’s always good to win a few when you have lost so many.