Tommy Norwood’s Ragsdale Tigers Day No. 1…..

I stopped by my alma mater to check out Ragsdale’s first day of practice yesterday. As expected, enthusiasm was high and practice, hot and heavy.

Tommy and all of his assistant coaches were busy with practice, but I did have a chance to talk with ex coach and new Athletic Director, Glenn Locklear. Glenn replaces a legend in Mike Raybon, who retired as A.D. last year. Glenn misses coaching and as you all know, in Guilford County, one can’t be A.D. and coach at the same time. He is looking forward to doing all he can as A.D. to help all the coaches and players with their needs to succeed. Glenn is a super nice young man and I know he’ll do a fine job.

Ragsdale’s first game is with Morehead August 22nd. in the first game of eleven on the Ragsdale schedule. It is an endowment game, by the way. We’ll have more details on all of the teams later, but I just wanted to let you know we were on the scene!

*****from Jim Modlin*****