The Panthers have a problem:Get rid of Steve Smith?????

The Carolina Panthers have seen their problems with Steve Smith rear their ugly head again with the recent cheap shot by Smith to the face of DB Ken Lucas.

Steve Smith has become a cancer to this team and it might just be time to give him his walking papers before someone ends up dead or Smith ends up in jail. One former Panther, Rae Carruth, is already in prison and another Fred Lane, may have ended up there too if his wife didn’t murder him first.

Steve Smith has apologized to Lucas and to his Panther teammates, but is that enough? Former Panther Anthony Bright would tell you that Smith has trouble sticking to his forgiveness policies. Smith nearly killed Bright a few years back and pretty much ended the career of his then-teammate.

Will the two game exhibition hiatus cure Smith of his ill-wills or should the Panthers get the wheels turning to get Smith out of Charlotte before he ruins this team for good? Smith is a great receiver, but is he concerned about his team first and foremost or is it about Steve Smith and his selfish attitude?

Should the Carolina Panthers keep Steve Smith or find a way to get rid of their Bad-Boy receiver?

*****The first thing I heard from foxsports radio was that Smith was suspended for two pre-season games and now I’m hearing it’s two regular season games. If it’s two regular season games then that creates even more reason to get rid of Steve Smith, look how this guy is killing his team, with his talent they need him in there and without him there is a void. Steve Smith is not helping his team at all, he is a CANCER…..*****