Edge was the STAR at last night’s WWE SummerSlam

Edge was the STAR at last night’s WWE SummeSlam pay-per-view. The Undertaker defeated Edge but Edge was the one who was taking all the bumps for the Dead Man. Edge through the announcer’s table, Edge through two tables set up outside the ring, Edge all the way through the ring and to the floor underneath the ring.

The Undertaker is the older ring-veteran, who many fans feel has more star-power than Edge, but The Undertaker has been home resting for this match since back in March.

Edge took the bumps, therefore he deserves to be named the Top Performer of the SummerSlam event. The recent actions of Edge are what led to the build-up of this match. The Undertaker has great music, there is his smoke or fog, and he walks REAL SLOW, but Edge is the action personified. Edge carried this match and all The Undertaker did was throw Edge through the tables.

In other top-tier matches, it was Batista over John Cena and CM Punk with a bloody bump to his head from a noggin’ to noggin’ exchange with JBL, keeping the strap, and Punk still has the belt and he remains the CHAMPION.