A GGO Thing from Randy Harris

A GGO Thing / New Book Details Tournament’s Move from Sedgefield to Forest Oaks and Back Again through Stories Told by GGO Commemoratve Decanters

Greensboro, N.C. -With the Wyndham Championship’s return to Sedgefield many golf fans are pulling their old Sedgefield memorabilia out of storage and dusting it off.

These cherished collectibles will undoubtedly include a GGO decanter or two. A GGO Thing:A Brief History of the Greater Greensboro Open Commemorative Decanters is the new book written to answer some of the questions that may be asked by those that do not remember a time when the tournament was held at Sedgefield. This volume begins with a brief history of how the Greater Greensboro Open began and then moves to a discussion of each of the eleven bottles produced to market the GGO.

Randy Harris, 2002 President of the Greensboro Jaycees, presents a brief history of the commemorative decanters produced to promote the Greater Greensboro Open from 1972 until 1982.

This account details the way in which the bottles were used to market the golf tournament during the 1970’s and beyond. It includes dozens of photos and interviews that bring these collectible decanters to life. A GGO Thing also details the move from Sedgefield to Forest Oaks and back again as seen through the stories told by each decanter.

A GGO Thing takes its name from the back of the very first decanter produced in 1972 that reads “In the Spring, It’s the GGO Thing”.

When asked why the GGO decanters remain so popular, the book’s author Randy Harris had this to say. “The decanters have become a part of our shared past. They are more than souvenirs, they are a limited edition piece of our community’s history.”

A GGO Thing is the first book written by Randy Harris. Harris, also known as the ggoblogger, writes the Greater Greensboro Open Blog. This journal is dedicated to the preservation and discussion of memorabilia and related topics from the Greater Greensboro Open, Kmart Greater Greensboro Open, Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic, Chrysler Classic of Greensboro, Wyndham Championship and occasionally the Nike Greensboro Open and the Greensboro Buy.Com.

For more information about A GGO Thing, please visit Amazon.com or contact Randy Harris at (336) 545-8825. randyharris@triad.rr.com