Big time college football atmosphere will be on display in “The Capital City Battle” tonight in Columbia, S.C.

If you want to see what big time college football atmosphere IS, watch tonight’s game between the capital city teams in the capital of South Carolina, Columbia. South Carolina will be good this year. N.C. State likely won’t.

I have two of my other business partners who are South Carolina graduates, so I hear way too much about the ‘Cocks. I have, also attended several games at Williams-Brice Stadium. I was there when the team was 0 for 11 and still 80,000 fans showed up to watch the beloved home team. I saw ECU’s Scott Harley run for about 4oo+ yards in a downpour, and about 75,000 stayed for the entire game. I hit the car and listened on the A.M.

Back to the game… South Carolina’s linebackers-big, strong and very fast. I hear if the immobile Daniel Evans was back there, he would get beat to death. that’s one reason why he is sitting and the freshman gets the nod behind center.

Whatever the outcome, the Stadium will be rockin’ and the Cockabooses-that’s the line of old train cabooses outside the stadium that serve as high dollar party wagons-will be hoppin’!

*****from Jim Modlin*****


  1. It is unfortunate that “Cocks” is the only moniker that sticks outside of SC. Carolina and USC are already branded.

    But, no doubt they do love their football and will probably roll up NC State.

  2. Mick, You are correct about the names, but don’t try to tell the guys south of the border about that Carolina thing-they really call themselves Carolina, too! It’s weird when you hear it, being from N.C. but they don’t see anything wrong with it! As far as the national deal though, Carolina is a baby blue for sure.

  3. Oh I know. I listen to Packman some and hear that crap all the time. Sorry but 49.5 to .5 ratio is pretty convincing on the Carolina “controvesey”. Sorry but I refuse to call South Carolina “Carolina” or USC or even SC. Ill have to stick with South Carolina or Cocks. More power to em though.

  4. While the South Carolina fans generally show up in droves, the exiting usually begins about midway thoughtthe thrid quarter in out of hand games. If anyone doubts this, I’ll be happy to send in some photos of the stands during Clemson’s 2003 victory in the “dead cockroach”. Most of those fans are working on their burnlounge uplines anyway.

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