2009 NC Marathon

Planning is underway for the 2009 NC Marathon. From Melissa Fourrier:

The plans for 2009 are well underway and I can assure you, this is going to be a race you do not want to miss! The course is changing, the pre & post race events are much better, we have cash prizes for overall categories, strong sponsorships, a new category (10k), bus tours of the course, amazing support from volunteers and community groups, but most importantly….we have a waiting list of runners ready to register. This is an event that benefits everyone and for those of you who had a good experience, thank you for supporting us, we hope to see you again next year.

Mellisa read the comments from our readers and they are taking all suggestions – positive and negative – to improve their second year. We’re looking forward to the race, possibly even seeing if we can get Andy to run.


  1. If there is going to be a half marathon please ensure it is only 13.1-many of us wore our garmans and all measured around 13.5 miles-many runners really arent concerned with the scenery after 4 or 5 miles-so hopefully the courses(all of them) will not be as challenging as last years-for a boston qualifier many felt the course was unattainable-

  2. The race organizers should have plenty to read. The race was horrible. Let me list the ways. The courses were not the correct distance, this should be the minimum required to call yourself a race. Even the mile markers were way off (mile 1 was way long, mile 2 was marked way short, etc). The aid station were stocked with the most ridiculous fluids. The start and finish were not at the same location and there were no signs or volunteer directing participants. The PA system at the start was basically a tinker toy megaphone. After all this the results were all screwed up. The 5k results were never corrected (after waiting way too long) and the marathon/half marathon results are also off.

    Stay far away from this fiasco.

  3. This message is for Bret who posted comments on January 2, 2009 and encouraged folks to “stay far away from this fiasco”.
    Bret: I’m challenging you, give this race one more chance. I will waive your registration fee if you will agree to participate this year and come see me after you cross the finish line. You will have an incredible experience in High Point.
    We have a new course, a new timing company that knows how to time and produce a first class event (they handle the annual Marine Corps Marathon), Gatorade at the water stations, etc….it’s going to be an incredible race. Please join us!

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