After week one in NCAA Football:My Top 3 teams in the state are…..

The first full schedule of NCAA football is in the books. I am going to list the best three teams in our fine Tarheel State.

First, North Carolina, speaking of Tarheels gets very little credit for the win over McNeese State at home, after the storms came rolling through. McNeese State could have won the game. While a good little football team, Mcneese State is a scheduling question mark. Most of these teams aren’t App. State in quality. Heck, after losing to LSU 41-13, ASU might not even be themselves! By the way ASU is my No. 3 ranked team in the state. Lots of SEC teams will get spanked by LSU this year in Baton Rouge. Whether ASU will win another national championship is the challenge and a big one. They may not win The Southern Conference this year, several quality teams to beat, Elon being one of them.

My No. 2 ranked team is East Carolina. The Pirates lined up with Va. Tech and in front of 72,000 in Charlotte beat the Hokies at their own game-special teams-blocking a punt for the winning margin, 27-22. Now, the Pirates next game is with mighty West Virginia. I’m afraid the stuff will hit the fan in this one. West Virginia is a pistol-they are loaded!

My No. 1 ranked team is Wake Forest. They went to the southwest to beat Baylor on the road handily. Baylor is not a powerful team, but Wake is…..they have some fine players on both sides of the ball. I just wish that ECU and Wake played this year to settle the matter!

That’s my Top 3…………..list yours and we’ll see if you agree on all , some or none!
*****from Jim Modlin*****