Page Pirate JV football and Remembering Bambi’s brother Bernie

I stopped by the Page High School campus last night looking for something going on and I did not find a Page varsity football practice, I spotted the Page-Northeast Guilford JV football game going on instead.

The varsity football team had practiced earlier in the day on Labor Day Monday and the JV team was making up a game they missed last Thursday due to heavy rains.

The Page Pirate JV football team looks strong and two players in particular caught my attention. The runningback #32 Rogers and the QB #10, Summers. Rogers has speed, power, and he has moves. Summers creates a nice option with his quarterback keepers.

Page was up late in game when I had to pull out of the lot and head up Lawndale Drive. The last score I caught on the board at Marion Kirby Stadium was 20-12, Page over Northeast, but the Pirates were driving again late in the fourth quarter.

There was a good crowd on hand to watch the kids and I had a chance to speak with Page AD Rusty Lee, boys basketball coach Robert Kent and NEG AD John Primm. There was also another makeup game going last night that I am aware of, with Eastern Guilford at Southeast.

Bad news for Bambi’s brother Bernie. Bambi the female deer and a doe at that, lost her brother Bernie, a buck if you will, sometime late last night, or early this morning. I smelled something that was stinking to the high heavens this morning on the 10K run and on my return trip back up Blumenthal Road, I realized that it was a deer carcass and it had turned from either brown to white or from gray to white during the night. No sign of Bernie back on Monday morning when I passed his final resting place.

A dead deer on the side of Blumenthal Road off of Pleasant Garden Road and boy the smell of a dead animal can get you moving quickly and it’s something you don’t forget for quite a while. On Monday while making the run down PG Road, I noticed Timmy or Tommy the Turtle(didn’t have time to catch his full shell name-tag number) on the side of the road poking his head out and looking both ways and I hope TT made it through the Labor Day Monday traffic and that he didn’t become another fatal spot in the road.