Grimsley girls tennis beats Page for the first time in over TEN YEARS

The Grimsley girls defeated the Page girls in a tennis match at Page HS this afternoon(Tuesday) and for Grimsley it was their first win over the Pirates in over 10 years.

Page has had the Whirlies number and the last time Grimsley was even close was a tie with Page 11 years ago when they split the conference . Grimsley last jumped over the nets in victory over Page way back in 1997. It kind of reminds you of the dominance that Page had over Grimsley in football for all those years when coach Marion Kirby was at Page.

This was a huge win for the girls tennis program at Grimsley and it seems like over the past 10 years that Grimsley would lose three matches per year, twice to Page in the regular season and then again in the playoffs.

Page has had an outstanding program over the years with the Newmans and Stones etc. Now Grimsley has closed the gap and with the current re-surfacing of the tennis courts at Grimsley, the Whirlie girls are on their way.

Congrats to Grimsley on the BIG WIN and to Page for their success over the past 10-15 years.

Grimsley is coached by Emily Dalmata and her winners on Tuesday in the match with Page came from her #4 singles player Carli Tuscano, #5 singles, Adair Clark and #6 singles, Amanda Epstein.

Doubles winners for Grimsley, and this is where they pulled out the match, came from the Number two team of Clare Cox and Roxanne Henshall of Grimsley over Page’s Addington and Owsley 8-4 and the #3 Grimsley doubles team of Lauren Tuscano and Carli Tuscano defeated Christana Ruggiero and Greer Wendling of Page by the score of 8-4.

All of the home tennis matches for Grimsley this year are being played at Page and Grimsley is practicing on the Pirate tennis courts off of East Cone Blvd., while the re-surfacing continues at Grimsley. Coach Bruce Lanier has led the Page Pirate girls tennis team to three straight State Championships.

Thanks to Grimsley coach Emily Dalmata and to Whirlie AD Lewis Newman for providing the information we needed to create this original blog article.

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