HS football will be moving to Thursday

Several high schools are already talking about moving their varsity football games to Friday this week with the oncoming storm that some say is due in here Friday morning and others are saying we should expect it to hit here early Saturday morning.

This would make it real tough on JV teams that just played on Monday night and they might have to turn around and play again on Wednesday night if the varsity squad has moved their game up to Thursday.

High Point Central has already had their varsity contest with Eastern Randolph moved to Thursday and Grimsley is talking about it and Page is on the bubble too. We should know more about these and our other County schools by some time after 5pm this afternoon.

This may become a County-wide decision for all varsity games moving to Thursday at 7pm, but we still don’t have an official Guilford County Public Schools Athletic Director.

Stay tuned to GREENSBOROSports.com and we will have more later this afternoon or early this evening. The big question in the Big Picture remains for me, “If you move the varsity games to Thursday, when do you play the JV footall games, on Wednesday of this week or Monday of next week?”

Stay tuned…..
*****The word from AD Rusty Lee, Page HS has moved their Varsity football game vs. Southern Lee at Marion Kirby Stadium to Thursday night at 7pm.*****(No JV game on the schedule for Page vs. Southern Lee.)

+++++Dudley at Grimsley, Thursday night at 7:30pm at Jamieson Stadium…..(Grimsley at Dudley JV game on Monday September 8.)
******Other teams are making the move as well.*****

5 thoughts on “HS football will be moving to Thursday

  1. At this time it does not look like Northwest and Ragsdale will move. Friday weather looks bad and Saturday looks just as bad. Not sure why a non-conference game couldn’t move.

  2. To remove all doubts concerning the weather, I thought there would have been a county-wide move to Thursday.

    At first, I thought Ragsdale-NWG had been moved to Thursday but then I read the News-Record site and it said they would play at Ragsdale on Friday and if a move was needed they would shift to Monday.

  3. I can see waiting for the Friday weather and postponing until Monday if need be. Who knows, Friday may roll around with perfect football weather.

  4. I like the wait and see approach too but I wish that ALL of the schools would have made that move or if the weather looks serious to move a few games then why not make a universal decision and move all games to Thursday.(Goes back to NO County AD, so all schools make their own decisions even with the threat of a potential hurrcane.)

    I never liked playing games on Saturday or Monday because it messes up your practice routine and you can’t get in the regular groove.

    Never played a Varsity game on Thursday and that really changes how the coaches have to do things. I heard Grimsley practiced on Saturday last week after a Thursday game two days earlier and then they had Friday off. Once the regular season gets going you NEVER want to practice on Saturday.

    Back in the day you only got one Friday off per year once the season started and that was on the Open/Bye week.

    Good discussion.

  5. Most schools hate Monday games also not just because they don’t have as long to prepare the next week but an even bigger reason is the samller crowds and gate. Schools depend on good attendance and bigger gates for the revenue. Monday games are horribly attended. Concessions are down, attendance is down so revenues are down.

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