ACC and area attendance from last Saturday’s games

Here’s how they stack up from last weekend and I do believe that Appalachian State could handle more fans if they, the Apps, had more seats up in Boone. What they have done at that University is remarkable.

Season-openers, ranked teams, area rivals and fans looking for a frenzy helped bring out the crowds in the official week number one for college football.

The list:
N.C. State-56,694
East Carolina-43,610
Wake Forest-31,986
Appalachian State-30,718
N.C. A&T-21,500

*****Attendance at Wake Forest will have to increase for ACC games as the Deacons continue to beat name teams like that Nutty bunch from Ole Miss and the SEC and ECU will grow if they keep winning and moving up in the rankings. Appalachian will continue to be the model for all teams in this state, seeking to improve their progams and to increase their fan base.*****


  1. A.D., I understand your point on attendance, but I must point out that B B & T Field’s capacity is only 31,500 and Ficklen Stadium’s is 43,500. So both schools were at SRO [that’s standing room only for the Mayodan folks]. It’s going to be hard to pack anymore into those two venues unless they do a real quick expansion. The Fire Marshalls would have a “field day!” Now Carter Finley’s capacity is 60,000, so they could put a few more in the seats-for W & M a good crowd. A & T was a packed house.

  2. You are exactly right. The only thing left to do is for Wake Forest and Appalachian to add more seats. Both schools have just completed recent rennovations but plans must be put in place quickly to upgrade BB&T and Kidd Brewer ASAP.

    ECU has found their stroke again and we are seeing a return of Big-Time College Football to this state, but it is a bit strange to see the resurgence coming to places like Winston-Salem, Greenville, and Boone; while in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and in Durham they are still lining up at the Wishing Well.

    Wake Forest is on the map and the fans will have to sit on the hill or what’s left of it and App fans will have to climb the mountain and look down Moore often than not as their beloved team goes on another run.

    We have Big Time College Football in our state and it’s right in our backyard, just a short distance up I-40 West or 421 North.

    Go West for the best and you’ll see the best that the ACC has to offer in your Wake Forest Demon Deacons, a team that the Triad can reach out and embrace and call their very own.

    ECU is down East and doing fine, but there is nothing like having a team of distinction right here in the Triad, aka:WFU.

  3. Let’s go back to my week one piece on the “Three Best Teams” in the state after week 1. They are the same in rank, except Wake and ECU are tied for No. 1. ASU is No. 3. Boy, I wish that ECU and Wake played this year! If they both keep winning, maybe a bowl matchup! Too many weekends left, though. You must show up and PLAY every weekend. I talked with Coach Holtz yesterday. He says the Pirates have won 2 games-great wins but that is it- 2 games. It’s a long, long season and with the balance in NCAA football, anyone can beat you-ask W.Va. and Va. Tech……..hopefully Skip can keep their cleats on the ground and play every weekend.

  4. Does Conference USA and the ACC share a bowl game tie in? I dont think they do. The only way I see these teams (Wake and ECU) meeting would be in the Orange Bowl and while that might be a “dream match-up” to some around here, those at Fox and bowl officials in South Florida would call that a nightmare. Unless ECU runs the table (highly doubtful), the best they can hope for is the Liberty Bowl. Not a bad bowl but thats as far as you get when you compete in Conference USA. Wake has an outside chance at the Orange in the weak ACC this season and a great shot at Atlanta or the Gator.

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