ACC and area attendance from last Saturday’s games

Here’s how they stack up from last weekend and I do believe that Appalachian State could handle more fans if they, the Apps, had more seats up in Boone. What they have done at that University is remarkable.

Season-openers, ranked teams, area rivals and fans looking for a frenzy helped bring out the crowds in the official week number one for college football.

The list:
N.C. State-56,694
East Carolina-43,610
Wake Forest-31,986
Appalachian State-30,718
N.C. A&T-21,500

*****Attendance at Wake Forest will have to increase for ACC games as the Deacons continue to beat name teams like that Nutty bunch from Ole Miss and the SEC and ECU will grow if they keep winning and moving up in the rankings. Appalachian will continue to be the model for all teams in this state, seeking to improve their progams and to increase their fan base.*****