Ashley’s not an angel:Update on Ric Flair’s daughter

The incident that led to Ashley Fliehr’s arrest on Friday apparently started as a fight between her father Ric Flair and her boyfriend at an apartment complex. “They ended up getting in a fight over what, we’re not sure,” Lt. Kevin Gunter told the Herald Sun website. “Ric Flair is the one that received the majority of the wounds, but he refused to file charges and refused medical treatment.”

Gunter noted that Ashley’s 22 year-old boyfriend was the suspect, but he was not arrested because Flair didn’t want to press charges. However, Ashley was arrested because she interfered with police. She was charged with resisting, delaying, and obstructing a police officer. She allegedly kicked an officer, which led to police using a taser to calm her down. To read the full story, visit